Canadian and International Student Resources

Transition to Medical School for International Students

Statement of financial support

International/Non-U.S. citizens will be considered non-residents for both admission and tuition purposes. The Good Neighbor policy at Wayne State University does not apply to the School of Medicine. Out-of-State tuition for the 2023-2024 academic year is $68,204*. *This is subject to change by the Board of Governors without notice for the 2024-2025 Academic Year.

Cost of attendance for the first year of medical school

The total cost of attendance (COA), or estimated average expenses to attend Wayne State University School of medicine for the first two years is $191,264 USD. Below is a table with the breakdown.

Expense Category Cost
Living Expenses $37,096
Books and Supplies $2,524
Loan Fees $872
Miscellaneous $5,960
Transportation $8,404
Tuition $136,408
TOTAL $191,264 USD

Please ensure that your statement of support demonstrates resources to meet the first two years of Cost of Attendance. You will also need to supply a plan that may include borrowing loans with a co-signer for the remaining years of the MD program.

This statement of financial support must be issued by a bank or other financial institution and must be sent directly to Wayne State University School of Medicine Office of Admissions. This documentation is required to complete the processing of your student visa to attend Medical School in the United States.

Please note that the exchange rate between your country of citizenship and the U.S. at the time of your bill being due, will affect how much funds you have to be prepared to set aside. 

Exchange rate calculator

For your convenience, the Office of the Bursar has teamed up with Flywire for you to make international wire tuition payments. More information about international payments.

Additional resources

Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS)

OISS is here to support and enhance your educational, cultural and social experiences here at Wayne State University.

Information on immigration and visa forms
Contact us at 313-577-3422 or email at

Office of Scholarships and Financial Wellness

Due to your citizenship/visa status, you are not eligible for Financial Aid through the US Department of Education or the State of Michigan. Here are some resources that you can explore for financial assistance.  Also check out our website for External scholarship opportunities and budgeting and financial wellness resources

Contact us at 313-577-3610 or email or

Student loans and scholarships (Canada):

Canadian Student Loans are offered by the Government of Canada to help students pay for post-secondary education at a designated college, university, or other post-secondary institution. It is offered to eligible full- and part-time post-secondary students in most provinces and territories.

Other resources for international student loans and scholarships

Alternative/private loans:

Alternative/private loans are credit-based. The maximum loan amount is the cost of attendance minus all Financial Aid for the school year, if any. Alternative/private loans usually have higher interest rates and fewer repayment options than Federal Loans. Interest rates and loan terms vary.

International student health insurance

There are two health insurance policies in effect; 1) The University Health Insurance Policy for F-1 and J-1 Visa holders and 2) The School of Medicine Health Insurance Policy. 

Students are required to purchase the OISS health insurance policy, which qualifies for a School of Medicine Health Insurance policy waiver.  Students do not need to purchase both policies.

Wayne State University health insurance policy for F-1 and J-1 visa holders

  • Health insurance requirements: All F-1 and J-1 international students and scholars whose 1-20 or DS-2019 was issued by Wayne State University must enroll in the WSU Student/Scholar Health Insurance plan (IHIP) provided by Relation Insurance Services. This insurance plan is also required for your F-1, F-2, J-1 and J-2 dependents. This includes Canadian F-1 students living in the U.S. and J-1 Canadian students and scholars. 
    • You can buy insurance on either a semester or annual basis and pay online with a Visa or MasterCard when you enroll. The annual policy coverage year runs from August 1 to July 31, so make sure to renew your insurance in time to retain your coverage.
    • Enroll in IHIP
  • Do not purchase health insurance in your home country to meet the Wayne State University Health Insurance Standards, which are compliant with the U.S. Federal Health Care Reform Law known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). 
  • Do not ask us to violate either the federal regulations that govern your visa status or federal PPACA law by accepting your health insurance plan that does not meet these requirements. 
  • International health insurance requirements
  • Student health insurance 
  • Apply for the OISS WSU Scholar Health Insurance
  • View instructions on how to enroll in student health insurance and view the waiver applications.

Wayne State University School of Medicine health insurance policy

All medical students are required to have adequate health insurance as a condition of their enrollment in the medical school. Following the lead of many other medical schools across the country, the medical school has negotiated two comprehensive group student health insurance plans (SHIP) on behalf of our students and has made it mandatory at a reasonable price. These policies provided through Blue Care Network (HMO) and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (PPO) are mandatory because we believe them to be the best value available in terms of the benefits package for the premium charged. The benefits have been adjusted each year to meet the needs of students based on student input through the Student Senate and include adult immunizations approved by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Individual, 2-person and family plan options are available for both the HMO and PPO plans. Student health insurance premium payments are collected and processed by our third-party plan administrator, Relation Insurance Services. SHIP consists of three separate enrollment terms (Fall, Winter and Spring/Summer) annually and open enrollment begins on July 1. To enroll in a student health plan, please visit our Relation Insurance Services website:

Enroll in SHIP

Additional information regarding student health insurance (i.e., benefit packets, enrollment term dates, pricing, FAQs, etc.) can be found on both the aforementioned Relation website as well as our Records and Registration health insurance website.

Health insurance waivers

All eligible students will be required to enroll in a student health plan unless they are eligible for a waiver. Enrollment in the university's IHIP will require that a waiver application be submitted to the medical school to fulfill the health insurance requirement. All waiver applications are to be completed and submitted via our Blue Water Benefits website.

Frequently asked questions:

How are tuition rates set?

Each year the Board of Governors adopts the year's basic tuition and fee schedule, which is then authorized by the university president to supersede all previous tuition and fee regulations. The Office of the Registrar publishes the regulations annually: Statement of Tuition and Fee Regulations.

How is your tuition calculated?

Your Wayne State University tuition will be assessed each semester based on your residency (in-state or out-of-state), undergraduate class ranking or graduate level, academic program and school or college.

My F-1 visa states a tuition rate, is this guaranteed?

Tuition rates and fees are subject to change by the Board of Governors without notice for the 2023-2024 Academic Year.