Urban clinical excellence in the heart of Detroit


of Michigan’s practicing physicians received all or part of their medical training at WSU.

The School of Medicine boasts a

99% Total Success Match Rate

— well above the national average.

Wayne State was ranked among

50 safest campuses

in the United States by BestColleges.com.

Through hands-on clinical education in the heart of a rapidly evolving city, the Wayne State University School of Medicine provides a distinct experiential advantage that sets you apart from your peers at other colleges. When you become a Warrior M.D., you'll work alongside leading clinicians who will take you out of the classroom and straight to the operating rooms, bedsides, and communities where your work will make a difference.

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Warrior Ambassador

Riaz Nabi

“I choose Wayne State for Medical School because of schools mission and dedication towards serving the population of Detroit. I grew up in the suburbs around Detroit and was excited to get the chance to make my own impact on such an influential city in our nations history and the people that live in it. With the numerous free clinics associated with WSUSOM, early clinical rotation experience, and countless opportunities to integrate into the community while furthering my medical education, Wayne State offered all I wanted from a medical school. In addition, Detroit offered a lively city with a deep cultural background to live in with a plethora of restaurants and entertainment venues to explore at every corner!”

— Riaz Nabi, 2024 View other M.D.'s

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