Michigan’s only three-year pathway to M.D.

Students applying for the incoming 2022 medical school class have a new option to consider: an accelerated three-year medical degree.

The program, approved by the university's Board of Governors on Oct. 1, is the only one of its kind in Michigan. WSU is among a small group of nationally-recognized schools to offer a three-year alternative to what is traditionally a four-year path.

Geared to fit students who have previous health care backgrounds and careers, the program diversifies the School of Medicine's offerings for students who are ready to accelerate into their physician career by completing medical school and receiving direct placement into a Wayne State residency position upon completion.

The Warrior M.D. three-year program:

  • Cuts student school time without sacrificing the education received because it is the same nationally-recognized education minus the fourth-year internships and residency preparation
  • Significantly reduces the amount of education debt incurred by eliminating fourth-year costs and allowing new physicians to realize income sooner.
  • Reduces student stress because they will have already been identified for placement in one of Wayne State University's affiliated 12 residencies.

How to apply

If interested, apply to the WSU School of Medicine and indicate a preference for the accelerated three-year track. Once accepted, students opting for the three-year program will be interviewed by members of the residency program of the specialty they have selected. Those residency team members will determine if applicants meet acceptance criteria for the three-year program and the residency program.

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Program structure and requirements

Students in the three-year program are required to:

  • Meet the educational objectives and graduation requirements of the four-year track.
  • Meet additional curricular requirements designed to provide career mentoring and advanced clinical skills.
  • Three-year students must pass all coursework and medical examinations on the first attempt. Students failing to meet any standards set in the new program will move into the four-year program.

Each student in the three-year program will be assigned a faculty mentor within the student's identified specialty upon beginning their medical education. They also will be assigned a clinical preceptor in their specialty as part of clinical skills courses during the pre-clerkship phase. These mentors and preceptors support students' success in the program.

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