Three-year M.D. program

Wayne State University School of Medicine is the only medical school in Michigan that offers a three-year M.D. program. This accelerated program is particularly beneficial for students who have previous healthcare experience and are ready to fast-track their career in medicine.

The Warrior M.D. three-year program offers the same nationally recognized education as a traditional four-year program, but it eliminates the fourth year of internships and residency preparation. This allows students to save time and money, and it reduces stress by ensuring that students that successfully complete the program will be ranked to match by their chosen residency upon graduation.

Benefits of the three-year M.D. program

  • Save time and money: The three-year program saves students one year of tuition and fees, as well as the cost of living expenses for an additional year. This can save students tens of thousands of dollars in total.
  • Reduce stress: The three-year program eliminates the uncertainty of applying for residency positions. Students in the program will be ranked to match for a residency position at one of Wayne State University's six sponsored residencies. This reduces stress and anxiety, and it allows students to focus on their studies.
  • Fast-track your career: The three-year program allows students to start their medical careers one year sooner. This can be a major advantage in a competitive job market.

Three-Year M.D. Handbook

Wayne State University School of Medicine residencies

Program structure and requirements

Students in the three-year program are required to:

  • Meet the educational objectives and graduation requirements of the four-year track: This includes taking the same core medical courses and passing the same medical examinations.
  • Meet additional curricular requirements designed to provide career mentoring and advanced clinical skills: This includes participating in a summer research project, completing a clinical skills course, and being assigned a faculty mentor and clinical preceptor in their desired specialty.
  • Pass all coursework and medical examinations on the first attempt: Students who fail any courses or examinations will be required to repeat them.

Faculty mentorship and clinical preceptorship

Each student in the three-year program is assigned a faculty mentor within their identified specialty upon beginning their medical education. This mentor provides guidance and support throughout the program and helps students to develop their career goals.

Students are also assigned a clinical preceptor in their specialty as part of clinical skills courses during the pre-clerkship phase. This preceptor provides hands-on training in clinical skills and helps students to apply their knowledge to real-world patients.

How to apply

The three-year M.D. program is only open to students who have been accepted to the Wayne State University School of Medicine four-year program. Qualified candidates will be invited to interview with residency program leadership from their chosen residency specialty. If you are not accepted into the three-year program, you will still be able to attend the four-year program.

For more information about three-year M.D. programs nationwide, please visit the Consortium of Accelerated Medical Pathway Programs (CAMPP) website.

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