Preparing for Medical School

Embarking on the path to medical school involves careful preparation for the application process.

At Wayne State University School of Medicine, our approach revolves around holistic evaluation. We consider a multitude of aspects in the review, encompassing GPA, MCAT scores, health and patient care involvements, community service, employment, and a spectrum of activities and experiences. We delve beyond exam scores and transcripts, examining intangible attributes. As you venture into the application phase, note that we do not impose any minimum GPA or MCAT score requirements. Your journey is unique, and we're committed to understanding the entirety of your potential.

Pre-med advising and information sessions

Wayne State University's Pre-Med and Health Advising Center provides prerequisite advising, academic support and professional development strategies for all Wayne State University students pursuing admission to competitive health care programs.

Selection Factors

The Wayne State University School of Medicine evaluates candidates through a holistic admission process. In addition to fulfillment of all admission requirements, your entire record, including grade-point average, Medical College Admission Test scores, recommendations and interview results, will be considered. The Admission Committee uses this process to evaluate your personality, maturity, character and suitability for a career in medicine.

Relevant Experience

Prior experience in the health care field is a desirable characteristic and improves your chances of being admitted to the Wayne State University School of Medicine.

Percentage of accepted applicants with relevant experience:

  • 87 percent Non-medical/clinical community service or volunteer experience
  • 90 percent Medical/clinical community service or volunteer experience
  • 1 percent Military service
  • 56 percent  Medical/clinical paid employment

Matriculant MCAT scores and GPA scores for the 2022 entering class

Type Accepted scores ranging from
the 10th to 90th percentile
Median National median
Overall GPA 3.53-3.99 3.83 3.82
Science GPA 3.43-4.00 3.77 3.77
MCAT total score*  504-518 513 512
CPBS 125-130 128 128
CARS 124-130 126 127
BBLS 126-131 128 128
PSBB 127-131 129 129
*MCAT scores prior to 2015 cannot be accepted. 

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M.D. Admissions Requirements 

  • Admission eligibility

    To be eligible to apply for admission to the Wayne State University School of Medicine, you must have completed a bachelor's degree including all Medical School pre-requisites and you must be:

    • A U.S. citizen
    • A U.S. permanent resident
    • A Canadian citizen
       - OR - 
    • Any student who has completed a bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree at Wayne State University regardless of citizenship.

    We do not accept transfer students to Wayne State University School of Medicine M.D. program. 

    As a state-supported school, the Wayne State University School of Medicine gives preference to Michigan residents, but out-of-state applicants are strongly encouraged to apply.

    The M.D. Program Office of Admissions will use the Residency Classification from your AMCAS application to determine your residency.

  • Coursework

    Specific coursework is required for admission. In unusual instances and at the discretion of the Admission Committee, you may be granted a waiver for certain course requirements, provided you have an exceptional academic record. Waivers must be requested in writing once an offer of acceptance is extended.

    Regardless of your field of study, your premedical coursework must include:

    • Two semesters of general biology
    • Two semesters of general/inorganic chemistry
    • Two semesters of organic chemistry
    • Two semesters of physics
    • One semester of writing
    • One laboratory in biology, chemistry, or physics is not required but is highly recommended.

    The Admission Committee strongly recommends and will consider the following courses:

    • Biochemistry
    • Statistics
    • Medical ethics
    • Mathematics
    • Social science
    • Upper-level biology

    Advanced Placement courses will be accepted, but we recommend taking advanced-level basic science courses at the college level to enhance your academic record.

    20 credit hours of postbaccalaureate or graduate coursework on your AMCAS application, will be considered instead of your undergraduate coursework.

    Community college coursework will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

  • International coursework

    If your academic record includes courses taken outside the United States, you must have completed two years of coursework, including the prerequisite courses, at a U.S. or Canadian college.


  • Online courses and pre-requisites

    Colleges and universities nationwide are offering a pass/fail or credit/no credit option in addition to transitioning to online platforms. For any pre-requisite coursework, we strongly recommend that you do not take these courses online. However, we will be flexible if no in-person courses are available at your home institution.

    For all courses, Strong candidates will select courses to be graded as opposed to P/F if the option is available.