M.D. Health Records - Immunizations

The Office of M.D. Health Records supports your health and wellness as you enter medical school. The office offers a variety of resources and useful information for students to ensure they are immunized prior to entering school.

How to Check Your Immunization Records 


As first-year medical students, immunizations are required pre-matriculation steps for all students.  

  1. Tdap (Tetanus toxoid, reduced diphtheria toxoid and acellular pertussis vaccine) 
    This is a somewhat different formulation than the DTaP or DPT vaccinations that most of our students received in infancy/early childhood and it is also different than the Td (commonly "Tetanus shot") that many may have received as adolescents or adults for tetanus prophylaxis for wounds. The Tdap has the standard dose of tetanus toxoid, a reduced dose of diphtheria and an acellular booster for pertussis ("whooping cough"). With the resurgence and increasing incidence of pertussis, the CDC and other authorities have recommended that all healthcare providers who have not received a Tdap as an adult (i.e. at age 16 or older) should receive one, regardless of the time since their last Td vaccination. The hospitals in which our students participate in clinical rotations are requiring explicit documentation of the adult pertussis vaccination in order for students to be in their facilities. As such, please submit your Tdap documentation with your medical records.
  2. TB 
    All students are required to provide written documentation of a Tuberculin Skin Test (TST) with the Health Certification form. Documentation must be dated within one year of matriculation. Students known to have latent TB (as evidenced by a history of a past positive TST or IGRA) must provide proof of an IGRA blood test.
  3. Measles and Mumps  
    Some of the clinical sites available to students for clerkships and electives require medical students to have quantitative (IgG) measles and mumps antibody titers indicating they are immune to these infections. Therefore, the School of Medicine requires evidence of immunity. We also request documentation of two doses of these vaccinations.
  4. Rubella
    Some of the clinical sites available to students for clerkships and electives require medical students to have quantitative (IgG) rubella antibody titers indicating they are immune to this infection. Therefore, the School of Medicine requires evidence of immunity. We also request documentation of at least one dose of this vaccination.
  5. Varicella  
    All students should have a quantitative (IgG) varicella antibody titer drawn to assess their immunity to this infection. If a student has a history of receiving the vaccination, we also request documentation of two doses of this vaccination. A history of having "had the disease" is not adequate documentation of immunity to varicella.
  6. Hepatitis B  
    The majority of clinical sites require documentation of three doses of this vaccination and a quantitative (IgG) antibody titer (anti-HBs) indicating response to the immunizations. Therefore the School of Medicine has the same requirement. Students must have evidence of three doses and immunity to Hepatitis B. (Please note that additional blood work and potential re-vaccination will be required in the event that immunity is not documented after the primary series. Students should consult with their healthcare provider in this event.)
  7. Covid-19 Vaccination 
    All students are required to receive the full COVID-19 vaccination and applicable booster. All three FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson) will be accepted.

Additionally, students are required to receive an influenza vaccination each year. This annual requirement should be completed as soon as possible after the vaccine becomes available, but no later than November 30 of each year.

Students must undergo tuberculosis (TB) screening during time periods determined by the school. Annual influenza vaccinations and TB testing will be offered by the school.  

Submitting immunization information

HIPAA requires health records to be transmitted electronically through secure means. 

  • WSU Computing & Information Technology provides an electronic solution through the Office 365 drive that is HIPAA compliant
  • IMPORTANT: Quantitative (IGG) Antibody Titer reports are required for all titers. 
  • Procedures for sending encrypted emails
  • You must fill out the Health Certification Form and submit it from your WSU email account - Note: Please open in Adobe Acrobat to digitally sign the form
  • Submit proof of all immunization requirements to MDHealthRecords@wayne.edu

Services for students

  • Reviews all health certification forms required for incoming students
  • Reviews student health records to ensure compliance with M.D. program health standards
  • Coordinates annual TB testing and influenza vaccination clinics

Office location: Lande 361
Office email: MDHealthRecords@wayne.edu