M.D. Health Records - Immunizations

The Office of M.D. Health Records supports your health and wellness as you enter medical school. The office offers a variety of resources and useful information for students to ensure they are immunized prior to entering school.

How to Check Your Immunization Records 


As first-year medical students, immunizations are required pre-matriculation steps for all students.  

  1. Tdap (Tetanus toxoid, reduced diphtheria toxoid and acellular pertussis vaccine) 
    With the resurgence of pertussis (whooping cough), the CDC and other authorities recommend that all health care providers who have not received a Tdap as an adult (i.e., at age 16 or older) should receive one. The hospitals require explicit documentation of the adult pertussis vaccination. 
  2. TB 
    Students are required to provide written documentation of a tuberculin skin test (TST), dated within one year of matriculation, with the health certification form. Students known to have latent TB (as evidenced by a history of a past positive TST or IGRA) must provide proof of an IGRA blood test. 
  3. Measles and Mumps  
    Students must have documentation of two doses of these vaccinations.
  4. Rubella
    Students must have documentation of at least one dose of this vaccination.  
  5. Varicella  
    If a student has a history of receiving the vaccination, we request documentation of two doses of this vaccination. A history of having "had the disease" is not adequate documentation of immunity to varicella.  
  6. Hepatitis B  
    Students must have evidence of three doses and immunity to hepatitis B. This vaccination will take six months to complete from start to finish. 
  7. Covid-19 Vaccination 
    Students are required per Wayne State University policy to receive a Covid-19 vaccine. If you have already been vaccinated, please submit this documentation. 

Additionally, students are required to receive an influenza vaccination each year. This annual requirement should be completed as soon as possible after the vaccine becomes available, but no later than November 30 of each year.

Students must undergo tuberculosis (TB) screening during time periods determined by the school. Annual influenza vaccinations and TB testing will be offered by the school.  

Submitting immunization information

HIPAA requires health records to be transmitted electronically through secure means. 

  • WSU Computing & Information Technology provides an electronic solution through the Office 365 drive that is HIPAA compliant
  • IMPORTANT: Quantitative (IGG) Antibody Titer reports are required for Hepatitis B vaccines. Qualitative Antibody Titers reports are accepted for Measles and Mumps, Rubella and Varicella. 
  • Procedures for sending encrypted emails
  • You must fill out the Health Certification Form and submit it from your WSU email account
  • Submit proof of all immunization requirements to MDHealthRecords@wayne.edu

Services for students

  • Reviews all health certification forms required for incoming students
  • Reviews student health records to ensure compliance with M.D. program health standards
  • Coordinates annual TB testing and influenza vaccination clinics

Office location: Lande 361
Office email: MDHealthRecords@wayne.edu



  • Important questions answered

    Q: Is it okay for me to send over the scans of my immunization and the required forms through my regular email address?
    A: Records can be sent from a non-Wayne State email, but we will not send records to a non-Wayne State email.
    Q: For the Tdap vaccination, is it required for me to have gotten it after 16 years old?

    A: Your Tdap should be updated if it was given before the age of 16. 
    Q: Due to the current situation, I am not sure if I will be able to schedule an in-person appointment required for the immunizations — is it possible to complete the forms at a later time?
    A: You should submit the forms for your immunization before the deadline. We can grant allowances for hepatitis B, but this vaccination series should be started as soon as possible, as it takes six months to complete.
    Q: If we don't have to be on campus until August, can I get an extension on the deadline?
    A: Although you do not have to be on campus until the end of August, there will be no extensions for immunizations. 

    • Extensions will only be granted if you do not have access to receive COVID-19 immunizations. To request an extension due to these circumstances, email M.D. Health Records at MDHealthRecords@wayne.edu.
    • You will still be expected to submit proof of all other immunization and titer requirements.
  • Policies
    • Non-Involvement of Providers of Student Health Services in Student Assessment or Promotion:
      • The health professionals who provide health services, including psychiatric/psychological counseling, to a medical student are prohibited from having any involvement in the academic assessment or promotion of the medical student receiving those services.
      • All breaches of this policy, actual or suspected, must be reported and will be investigated by the Associate Dean of Student Affairs.
    • SOM Student Health and Immunization Access and Storage Policy:
      • It is the policy of Wayne State University School of Medicine to ensure that student health and immunization records and Information will be protected from a loss of:
        • Confidentiality: so that information is accessible only to authorized individuals.
        • Availability: that authorized users have access to relevant information when required.
      • All breaches of information security, actual or suspected, must be reported and will be investigated.
      • Student health and immunization information will be stored by the WSU School of Medicine Health Records Office.
      • Access to the health record and information will be restricted to Health Office personnel.
      • Students can grant the School of Medicine Records Office permission to contact the WSU School of Medicine Health Office to request an immunization compliance report. This compliance report is only shared with the authorized clinical site personnel to document student compliance with immunization policies.
      • Students can request copies of their health and immunization records by contacting the WSU SoM Health Records Office.