Technology Committee

The Undergradute Medical Education Technology Committee provides oversight on the selection and use of technology in medical education and its administrative units. The Committee is charged with monitoring current applications, reviewing requests for new initiatives and cultivating dialogue with administrative and the education programs to further enhance our use of technology. Membership consists of key stakeholders from medical education, school of medicine partners and students.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Meet monthly
  • Discuss concerns related to current technology and define/execute solutions, implementing action plans and timeframes for improvement.
  • Monitor and evaluate emerging technologies to raise and encourage awareness of technology trends.
  • Propose and advocating technology acquisitions.
  • Implementation of technologies designed to improve the teaching, learning and administrative functions of WSU-SOM consistent with the strategic plan and mission.
  • Prepare annual technology report and survey of constituency.
  • Engage in and promote research in the use of technology in education.


Committee Members

Chair: Amie Dozier, Associate Director – Medical Education Support Group

Departments Name Title
A/V and Video Production Mike Crimmins Manager
A/V and Video Production Mike Dereniewski Producer/Director
Continuous Quality Improvement Jason Booza Director
Continuous Quality Improvement Desiree Merriweather Senior Application Specialist
Kado Clinical Skills Center Christopher Bergum  Simulation Technology Administrator
Medical Education Support Group - EdTech Support Paul Richards Web Developer
Medical Education Support Group: LSS Scott Nelsen Laboratory Services, Coordinator
Medical Genetics Michelle Cichon Genetics Co-Course Director
MSIS Andre Alexander Associate Director
MSIS Arslan Gondal Lead Systems Software Engineer
MSIS Phil Williams Senior Systems Administrator
MSIS James Wurm Director
Senate Liason – Technology Committee Bowen Song Year 1 Student Representative
Senate Liason – Technology Committee Rami Youssef Year 1 Student Representative
Senate Liason – Technology Committee Bryant Hansen Year 2 Student Representative
Senate Liason – Technology Committee Daniel Wahlstrom Year 2 Student Representative
Senate Liason – Technology Committee Adam Gorman Year 3 Student Representative
Senate Liason – Technology Committee Irvin Lien Year 3 Student Representative
Senate Liason – Technology Committee Gautam Edhayan Year 4 Student Representative
Senate Liason – Technology Committee N/A Year 4 Student Representative
Shiffman Medical Library Sandra Martin Director
Shiffman Medical Library Wendy Wu Librarian
UME Business Tamara Taylor Manager


Previous Meeting Agendas

2018 2019
January 11 (pdf) February 14 (pdf)
March 8 (pdf)  
April 12 (pdf)  
June 14 (pdf)  
August 9 (pdf)  
September 13 (pdf)  
October 11 (pdf)  
November 8 (pdf)  


2016 2017
January 12 (pdf) January 12 (pdf)
February 9 (pdf) March 9 (pdf)
April 11 (pdf) May 11 (pdf)
June 14 (pdf) June 8 (pdf)
August 9 (pdf) July 13 (pdf)
November 10 (pdf) August 10 (pdf)
December 8 (pdf) September 14 (pdf)
  October 12 (pdf)
  December 14 (pdf)


Requesting Technology?

We have been receiving several requests for personalized software installation on the student (public) computers; however we only install and maintain essential educational and curriculum software. While we recognize that many electronic educational resources are available, our software policy ensures that our computing resources are as clean as possible in order to avoid decreases in computer functionality.

If there is a specific software that you feel should be included in the standard student profile for the machines, the WSU-SOM Technology Committee does review and approve educational technology resources. Please click the button below to complete the technology request form.

Technology Request Suggestions