Campus safety

WSU Police: EMERGENCY PHONE (313-577-2222)

In the event of any police, fire, or medical emergency, or to report a crime, suspicious person, or any matter you feel deserves prompt police attention whether on campus or in the surrounding area all members of our campus community should immediately contact the WSUPD at 313-577-2222.

Placing an emergency call to 911 is discouraged, as the caller may not know the exact address, building name, or exact location to provide to the emergency services operator. This could result in an emergency response delay, as the Detroit Police Department, Detroit Fire Department, and Emergency Medical Services responders are not intimately familiar with the campus to the extent that WSUPD officers are.

Police, fire, or medical emergency requests for services should always be directed to the Wayne State University Police at 313-577-2222.

WSU Police: Safewalk, On-Campus (Blue-Light) Emergency Telephones & Mobile App

Wayne State prides itself on creating a campus environment where most people feel safe and secure. However, we also urge members of our community to exercise caution when walking across campus, particularly if you are alone after dark. Our Safewalk program allows you to navigate campus under the protection of the WSUPD. Simply call 313-577-2222 and officers will either monitor you by camera until you reach your destination or escort you personally across campus. Click here to download the WSUPD or DMC Security Safewalk Program Information Sheet (PDF).

Blue-light emergency telephones
Approximately 297 emergency telephones blanket the Wayne State University campus. More than 175 of these blue-light emergency phones are located at outdoor locations, and 121 are located inside elevators in every campus building. These phones are easy to operate and may be used as either a direct line to the WSUPD Dispatch Center or to make free calls to on-campus numbers. To operate these phones in an emergency, simply push the red "emergency" button on the front of the phone panel. There is no need to dial a phone number, as the emergency phone will make a direct connection to the WSUPD Dispatch Center automatically, and the call will be received as an incoming emergency services request.

Wayne State Mobile App
The WSU Mobile app has "Emergency" numbers saved on the home page and you don't even have to log in! Keep the app on your phone for easy access to emergency personnel.

Save these safety numbers to your contacts for faster, easier use during your clerkships and hospital visits.

  • Children's Hospital of Michigan - 313-745-5555
  • Detroit Receiving Hospital/UHC - 313-745-3325
  • Harper Hospital Professional Building- 313-745-1358
  • Harper University Hospital - 313-745-8353
  • Huron Valley Sinai Hospital - 248-937-5032
  • Hutzel Women's Hospital - 313-745-1352
  • Kresge Eye Institute - 313-745-7031
  • Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan - 313-745-9714
  • Sinai-Grace Hospital - 313-966-1000
  • DMC Surgery Hospital - 248-733-2201