Student Organizations Finance

FUNDING CYCLE:  January 1, 2023 December 31, 2023

The School of Medicine Alumni Association allocates funding to the Office of Student Affairs and Career Development.  In turn the Office of Student Affairs manages and allocates these funds for all student organizations activities, travel, and events. 

All Student Organizations and Interest Groups are required to maintain accurate and complete financial records of all receipts and expenditures. The Office of Student Affairs does not keep a running tally of your individual expenses until late in the year.  The student organization treasurer or the financial appointee for the group must approve all purchases.

  • Ordering Supplies and Personal Reimbursements

    Purchases can be made one of two ways:

    1. Procard
    (preferred method)
    The University Procurement Card (Procard) is a Master Card that is linked directly to a University index number.  To avoid out-of-pocket spending, the University has issued a Procard to the Office of Student Affairs.  Student Affairs can use this credit card to make online purchases for student organizations. All orders will be shipped to Student Affairs.  You will receive an email when your order has arrived. Maximum amount per request form $1000.00.

    Student Organization - Supply Request Form

    2. Personal Reimbursement 
    Maximum $200.00 per transaction per day or chain per store.  All receipts must be submitted within 14 days of the purchase date on your receipt(s).

     Student Organization - Personal Reimbursement Form

    All receipts must show:

    • Where the items were purchased – (Store/Company Name on receipt)
    • What was purchased (itemized list of what you bought)
    • Payment method (via credit card xxx1234)
    • Indicate a $0 balance due.

    You must attach:

    • PDF copies of receipts – do not upload images.
    • PDF of the flyer/email /invitation regarding the event and why the purchase was made.
    • List of attendees and their afflilation (M1, M2, Guest, etc.)  (if applicable)

    Reimbursements can take 6-8 weeks to process. Checks will be mailed to the address that you provide unless you provide your banking information when you register.

  • Promotional Items

    Promotional items can be purchased with a maximum amount of $20.00 per student/maximum $400.00 per student organization (including set-up fees and shipping costs). Items purchased cannot be resold for fundraising purposes.

    Vendors:  It is University policy that orders for promotional items/apparel by all university student organizations, departments or affiliates must be purchased through a licensed vendor regardless of whether University funds are being used or not.  

    Here is the list of Licensed Vendors (Note: ordering from a vendor not on this list is not allowed):  

    • 4imprint
    • A-1 Screenprinting LLC
    • Alternatives in Advertising
    • Barnes and Noble Education
    • Club Colors Buyers
    • Corporate Specialties LLC
    • Customink
    • Halo Branded Solutions
    • I Am Detroit Inc.
    • MacKellar Associates
    • Magellan Promotions LLC
    • Mercury Fulfillment Systems
    • Promo Shop
    • Publicidentity Inc.
    • Shamrock Companies
    • University Tees
    • Wanda Lee Spencer


    • The SOM logo must appear on the merchandise
      • If you have a student organization/interest group logo it must be approved by Marketing. 
      • Acceptable apparel colors: Black, White, Grey, Green, or Yellow.
    • You cannot resell the merchandise for fundraising purposes.
    • Important note when using medical imagery:  The caduceus is not the correct symbol for medical doctors, or medicine in general.  Unfortunately, the caduceus has been misunderstood and misused for over a century. The correct symbol is the Greek god of Asclepius (also referred to as Aesculapius) that represents healing, which is visualized with the single snake wrapped around the staff – this is the only true symbol of medicine.

    Procedure for Ordering:

    • Step 1:  Approval of your logo - If you have an organization logo that you are planning to use, send a high-resolution photo or vector file to Ms. Gherardini The image will be forwarded to Marketing for approval.  If you do not have a logo and are interested in having one created contact the Office of Biomedical Communications
    • Step 2:  Selecting a vendor – All vendors are very competitive.  You can see all merchandise by visiting their websites. Once you have selected a vendor contact Ms. Gherardini, she will introduce you to the sales rep who will prepare a quote for you.
    • Step 3:  Select apparel - You will need to provide the color, style, sizing Information, and logo placement to the vendor so they can give you an accurate quote.    
    • Step 4:  Quote - The vendor will send a quote to you and a mock-up of the merchandise. Send that quote to Ms. Gherardini  who will generate a purchase order. All orders take about 4-6 weeks to be processed.
    • Step 5:  Delivery - All orders are delivered to Student Affairs, 315 Mazurek.  You will receive an email when the order is ready to be picked up.
  • Honorariums - Guest Speakers

    If you are having a guest speaker (NON-WAYNE EMPLOYEE) and want to pay them a stipend for speaking, below is the paperwork that needs to be completed by the guest speaker and the student organization.   DO NOT PAY SPEAKERS OUT OF POCKET AND EXPECT TO BE REIMBURSED. THIS IS AGAINST UNIVERSITY POLICY.

    The Guest Speaker must complete these three forms:

    1. W9 or W8 (if Canadian)
    2. New Vendor Form
    3. Supplemental Data Form           

    Once the guest speaker forms are complete the Student Organization can submit the Honorarium Request Form and attach the following documents:

    • Guest speaker forms.
    • Copy of the flyer/email /invitation regarding the event.

    After submitting this form, a check will be sent to the speaker within 4-6 weeks.

    Honorarium Request Form

  • Catering

    Student Organizations hosting an on-campus event can use their allocated funds to pay for refreshments if certain criteria are met. The maximum amount that student organizations can spend on catering is $400.00 yearly (if approved in your budget).

    Criteria for All Catering:

    • You must have a guest speaker.
    • The guest speaker cannot be a WSU employee. 
    • The meeting must be held at the School of Medicine.
    • Funding cannot be used to cater your private student organization meetings. 
    • All catering orders must be place through the online Catering Form one week in advance.
    • All food must be served with serving utensils (e.g., spatula) and gloves. All food must be served immediately upon delivery to the room.

    Vendors: (There is no out of pocket expense if Student Affairs places the order for you.)

    Procedure for Ordering:

    • Step 1:  Select vendor
    • Step 2:  Complete Student Organization - Catering Form
    • Step 3:  Pick up catering order in Student Affairs.  The order will be waiting for you on a rolling cart, along with paper products, plastic utensils, and a sign-in sheet. All organizations are required to have a sign in sheet at the event .
    • Step 4:  Post event – Clean up the room and return the cart and sign-in sheet to Student Affairs.

    Procedure for Paying Out-of-Pocket: ($200.00 limit)

    If you pay out-of-pocket for catering the limit is $200.00 and the vendor must be located on campus.
    In order to be reimbursed you will need to submit a Personal Reimbursement Form.  On this form you will be asked to upload the itemized and credit card receipt for the purchase, a sign in sheet indicating the name and affiliation (M1, M2, Guest Speaker, etc.) of all guests and the evite/announcement for the event.  

    If you want to order from an off-campus vendor or the catering is over $200.00, you must request a food waiver  (at least two weeks prior to your event). If approved, you will be required to upload the approval along with all other documents given above.

    WSU and its employees and agents are released and indemnified from all liability for claims or damage including injury or illness associated with the consumption of food or beverage provided for any meeting or event by the student organization, department or outside organization.

    Home entertainment is not allowed.

    If you have questions regarding catering, please contact Nicole Collier  at 313-577-1463.

  • Conference Travel

    Student participation in regional, State, and national meetings is highly encouraged. Students must receive an excused absence 60 days prior to making any travel arrangements (regardless of whether you are on/off service).  All students must complete this form:  Excused Absence Request for a Scientific Conference and attach it to this form Excused Absence Form  along with (1) PDF or website link to conference agenda and (2) email of presentation acceptance which you are presenting.

    Student Organization Travel Funding:
    All travel related to student organization conferences must be approved by the Treasurer or financial appointee of the student organization prior to submitting a travel request. Support for airfare, lodging and meeting registration is limited to $500.00 per student as long as it is within your student organization budget.  Priority will be given to officers or delegates of a student organization.  An individual student may receive travel support from their student organization budget for no more than one travel event per year unless approved by the Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Career Development.  Students on academic probation are not eligible to receive travel funding. 

    Individuals Presenting Research/Poster Presentations Travel Funding:   (Non Student Organization Related):
    Student travel associated with research presentations at national meetings are also eligible for funding.  Funds are limited and vary by fiscal year.   Support for airfare, lodging and meeting registration will be limited to $500.00 per student.  An individual may receive travel support for no more than one travel event per year and must provide a copy of their poster/oral proof of submission or acceptance letter.  Students on academic probation are not eligible to receive travel funding.

    Additional funding may also be available to individuals presenting research through the Office of Medical Student Research -Scholarly Activity Awards Program (Non Student Organization Related Only). NOTE: Their requirements are different than the requirements on this page. 

    Reimbursement Procedure for In-Person and Virtual Conferences:   

    Step 1.   Request an excused absence from your counselor.
    Step 2.   If approved, complete the Travel Request Form  (minimum 10 days prior to trip). 
    Step 3.  Witnin 10 days of your return complete the Travel Reimbursement Form.

    To complete the Travel Reimbursement Form you will need to upload the following documents: (Do not attach screenshots) 

    • Excused absence approval email from your counselor (always required - word documents are acceptable)
    • PDF of the program agenda. (always required)
    • Registration receipt (always required)
      • The registration confirmation will not suffice.
      • The receipt must indicate the payment method (cc: xxx1234) and a $0 balance due.
      • Even if you were not charged for a registration fee you must provide documentation that you were registered.
    • Airline ticket receipt
      • Airline ticket must have e-ticket number, method of payment and travel dates.
      • Itineraries and confirmations cannot be accepted.
      • You cannot be reimbursed for reward miles.
      • Do not purchase tickets for one another. The reimbursement must go to the person that paid for the ticket.
    • Baggage receipt
    • Lodging receipt (if your receipts total $500.00 you do not have to attach your lodging receipt)
      • The lodging receipt must have your name on it—NO EXCEPTIONS, Main Campus will not reimburse you if your name is not on the receipt. We strongly encourage you to share rooms when possible. If you share a room with your classmate(s) please indicate the student's name(s) on the reimbursement form.
      • A method of payment, as well as a zero balance, must be listed on the receipt.
    • Gasoline receipts (unless you are being reimbursed for mileage) 
    • Mileage
      • Mileage is 65.5 cents per mile.  The starting point is 540 E. Canfield, Detroit, MI 48201 to the conference location. You will be asked to upload a print-out of mileage calculator on the Travel Reimbursement Form.  Only the driver can be reimbursed, and we ask that you provide a list of students who drove with you on the reimbursement form.
    • Taxi/Shuttle Receipts (justification required - example: From: Airport  To: Hotel)

    If you have receipts that total $500.00 prior to your departure you may submit them for reimbursement.  You do not have to wait until you return to submit them. 

    It is very helpful if all of your receipts are in PDF format.  The agenda is required in PDF format - You can scan receipts all into one document and upload them to the reimbursement form or you can scan them individually to each portal on the form.

    Reimbursements take 6-8 weeks to process. Checks will be mailed to the address that you provided unless you have previously set up direct deposit.

    Questions regarding travel can be directed to Ms. Gherardini

  • Off Campus Events and Banquets

    For off-site events/banquets please contact Ms. Gherardini prior to making any arrangements. Entertainment at home is not allowed.

  • Gift Certificates / Cards / Gifts

    There is a lengthy approval process for purchasing gift cards. The office of Student Affairs must purchase them for you.  Students cannot purchase gift cards on their own and be reimbursed – this is against university policy.  If you are interested in purchasing gift cards complete the Gift Card Form. These requests can take 3-4 weeks to process.

    Prizes/raffles and gift certificates - If you need prizes for raffles visit SOM Alumni merchandise store.  The store is located in Room 1369 Scott Hall.  You do not have to pay out of pocket, they will bill against the Student Affairs account index.

    Gifts - Do not purchase gifts for individuals. Gifts are not reimburseable. 

  • Printing / Design Services

    Student Affairs has a standing account with Biomedical Communications (Room 1367 Scott Hall).  Place the order under the name of your student organization and the funds will be withdrawn directly from your Alumni funds.  Posters can be printed for conferences through this department. You will need an IRB number so please contact Ms. Collier or Ms. Gherardini

  • Parking Cards

    Available for guest speakers in Student Affairs.  (See Nicole or Tracey)

  • Requirements for Receiving Alumni Funding - Appreciation Calls

    Each organization must send a minimum of two members (depending on the membership size of the organization) each academic year to volunteer to participate in Alumni Appreciation Calling which is held several times per year. Information will be sent when this process begins.

  • Send Thank You Notes of Appreciation

    The OSA strongly encourages you to send a Note of Appreciation to the Alumni Association for supporting your outreach programs, travel and activities. These notes are posted on their website and allows them to see the impact engagement & donations have had on our students and their education. They also love to see photos of the work that you are doing so please take a few moments to share your gratitude and send them a thank you note!  Send a Thank You note