We will operate as a community of practice to advance the discovery, development, and dissemination of dynamic, innovative, and meaningful educational programming that promotes excellence within the undergraduate medical education program to ensure that faculty and students are able to function as master adaptive learners. As a team of professionally trained academicians, the team comprising the Office of Learning and Teaching will advance scholarship in medical education through research and scholarly publication.  


Through collaboration and innovation, the Office of Learning and Teaching desires to create a learning environment where all students will have an opportunity to thrive under the guidance of a highly-skilled and creative faculty. Our mission is to foster the execution of a robust 21st-century medical education program that promotes innovation in faculty enrichment, student development, and research. 

We aim to

  1. Prepare physicians who exemplify life-long and self-regulated learning 
  2. Provide specialized, inter-professional support to faculty by integrating research-based and evidence-based practices that underpin the science of learning
  3. Promote a humanistic approach to physician training for urban clinical excellence 

Core values and commitments

  1. We value Excellence. We are committed to supporting the School of Medicine administration, faculty, staff, and students in attaining the highest standard of excellence in student achievement outcomes and research. 
  2. We value Inclusiveness. We are committed to the spirit of cooperation and collaboration, embracing and honoring the diverse expertise existing in our community.
  3. We value Student Success. We are committed to supporting students in their pursuit toward becoming life-long learners in the field of medicine. We are committed to empowering them toward self-advocacy in order to become fearless pioneers of knowledge. We are committed to creating pathways for students to emerge as adaptive experts within the medical education curricula. 
  4. We value Community. We are committed to being intentional about building and sustaining meaningful relationships that supports a culture of service within and beyond the Office of Learning and Teaching. 
  5. We value Innovation. We are committed to inspiring and supporting research, scholarship, pedagogy, andragogy, heutagogy, and service. 
  6. We value Sustainability. We are committed to integrating sustainable practices into all aspects of our operations.