Graduate Questionnaire Survey

Overview of GQ Survey

The Medical School Graduation Questionnaire (GQ) is a national survey administered by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).

The GQ was first administered in 1978 and is an important tool for medical schools to use in program evaluation and to improve the medical student experience. The GQ includes questions related to:

  • Pre-clinical, clinical and elective experiences
  • General medical education and readiness for residency
  • Student services
  • Experiences of negative behaviors
  • Financial aid and indebtedness
  • Career intentions
  • Strengths of the medical school and areas that need improvement

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I take the GQ?

    By participating in the GQ, you are contributing to medical education research, national benchmarking and the improvement of medical education programs. Your feedback is extremely important to our school, our community, and our current and future students. Over the past four years, we have invited you to give your feedback through surveys, focus groups and town halls, and we take your opinions seriously. While we continue to enhance our student experience through continuous quality improvement, the GQ is another way for us to gauge how we are doing in comparison to previous years and other medical schools across the country. As you prepare to complete the GQ, we ask that you look back over your time with us as a Warrior M.D. and reflect on your overall experiences and opportunities.

  • Where do I find a link to complete the GQ?

    On Feb. 14, a unique link to the GQ was sent from to your Wayne State University email address. You do not need to sign in or have your AAMC ID — all you need is the email from AAMC containing your unique link. Each link is private and individualized, so please do not ask another student for their link or forward your link to anyone else. If you cannot find our email with your link (be sure to check your junk or spam folder first), send an email to

  • What is the deadline for completing the GQ?

    The GQ will close on June 7, 2019. 

  • What is the difference between academic counseling and tutoring?

    At Wayne State School of Medicine, we offer both types of student support services:

    • Academic counseling is provided through individual student meetings and group sessions in multiple departments, including: 
      • Office of Learning and Teaching
      • Basic Sciences
      • Kado Clinical Skills
      • Student Affairs
      • Diversity and Inclusion
      • Counseling
      • Hospital Affiliates
    • Tutoring is available to support a variety of student needs such as:
      • Step prep
      • Study skills/strategies
      • Clinical skills
      • Test-taking strategies
      • Time management
      • Access to student resources
      • Career planning and advising
      • Medical school transitions
      • Medical school course content
  • I see a question about my satisfaction with financial aid administrative services — what does that mean?

    At the Wayne State University School of Medicine, financial aid administrative services is the support students receive to navigate the financial aid process and manage their aid. The specific services used will vary by student, but may include:

    • Applying for aid
    • Completing the FAFSA
    • Revising loan amounts
    • Requesting cost of attendance adjustments
    • Checking aid requirements
    • Accepting awards
    • Reviewing aid status and Satisfactory Academic Progress

    You can find all of the services provided at

  • What is overall educational debt management counseling?

    As a Warrior M.D., this refers to having access to communicate and/or meet with our financial aid officers, Shobana Mohanan and Adam Zangerle, and the option to have individual counseling sessions with AAMC representatives at the end of Year 3 and Year 4. It also includes things like the online counseling modules that were provided to you about financial aid and VSASbudgeting for interviews, and the cost of attendance

  • How can I provide suggestions or comments on a specific topic?

    If you have feedback for a specific area, please use the School of Medicine W.I.S.E program. This program gives you an opportunity to provide constructive comments and suggestions directly to the Continuous Quality Improvement team. Fill out the online W.I.S.E. suggestion form