Time management resources and tips

You will quickly realize that shortly after the quarter begins in medical school that utilizing good time management plan is integral to your success. In order to effectively juggle the deadlines and due dates all of your classes while still finding time for yourself, you will need a sound time management plan. Organizing your time and planning for success will help you feel less stressed and more capable of handling your busy schedule.

Here are a few tips for managing your time

  1. Get a calendar! Having a calendar is the very first step for getting organized.
    1. You can use a store-bought calendar; the calendar on your phone, or a paper calendar. Here is a link to a weekly calendar you can print offline
    2. Write everything down, including assignments and their due dates, test dates, events, etc.
    3. Try color-coding your calendar.
    4. Use a different color for each class.
  2. Create a weekly schedule!
    1. Write down each class you have each day of the week.
    2. Write down tasks that need to be completed each week.
    3. Budget your time, especially study time. How much time do you usually need to study for a test? To write a paper?
  3. Create a daily To-Do List! What tasks need to be completed today?
    1. Put the most important tasks at the top of the list and tackle those first.
    2. Prioritize your time and complete tasks as soon as possible, so you can do fun activities later.
  4. Try to plan ahead!
    1. Planning ahead will allow you ample time to complete tasks, instead of feeling the stress of waiting until the last minute.
    2. For example, have a huge exam due in three weeks? Try scheduling time to review lectures and the blueprint this week, Study with a partner or small group the next week, etc.
  5. Find your most productive time!
    1. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Some people are able to get a lot of work done late at night. Some people prefer to wake up early and complete tasks. Find what works best for you and you'll be more likely to complete work.
  6. Try keeping some of your work with you!
    1. Keeping assignments near you may come in handy. For example, if you have a few hours between classes, utilize that time to work on another assignment.
  7. Schedule time to relax and have fun!
    1. After your exams, assignments, and deadlines, find time to reward yourself by doing something that you enjoy! Plan an outing with friends, or treat yourself to something special.
  8. Get plenty of sleep!
    1. A well-rested brain is a more productive brain!

Additional Resources

For additional support, please contact the Office of Learning and Teaching at olt@med.wayne.edu.

This document has been adapted from a resource found on https://www.cpcc.edu/sites/default/files/2019-04/star-resources-time-management.pdf