Match Day

For medical students nationwide, Match Day 2021 was the culmination of four years of hard work and many consider it the most exciting day of their medical experience. On March 19th our nearly 300 Warrior MD's received the name of the institution they "matched" with to begin their post-graduation residency in their chosen specialty. 

The greatest challenges in life are what define us. This year, you all have defined exactly what it means to be a physician. A physician always strives for the betterment of their patients, community, and loved ones.
–Yusuf Qadeer, Class President

Match results

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Long post alert!!! 🚨 But for the cliff notes version: TODAY I FOUND OUT THAT I MATCHED ANESTHESIOLOGY AT DMC!!!! Long version:I graduated in 2009 with a engineering degree and it took me almost 2 years to get a full time position. I was at that job for a little over a year and then my sister passed. While I took a couple weeks off of dealing with her passing, my work piled up and my boss used that against me to get rid of me over the next couple of months. I was absolutely devastated! Even though it was a job that I didn’t desire to be at, I still felt like a failure and that being someone that got fired no other job would hire me. I spent about a year without a job and decided that the best place for me was medicine. I spent a year getting Med school prerequisites and then attended the MEDPREP program at Southern Illinois University for 2 years. For anybody that interested in Med school that’s having trouble getting admitted or just needs a little bit of extra help I would HIGHLY recommend this program. Next step was medical school at Wayne State University. Thinking I would be there for 4 years and unexpectedly taking having to take a year off. I have finally reached the end of the Med school journey, and will be training to become a practicing anesthesiologist at the Detroit Medical Center!!! Although this isn’t the end of the journey, I wouldn’t have been able to make it this far without God and my support system! Thank you to everyone for all of your prayers and support! It’s not over yet, but this is definitely a cause for celebration! #Matched #Anesthesiology #WayneMatch2021 @mediques