About Us

The Curriculum Management Committee (CMC) is the institutional entity that oversees the medical education program as a whole and that has responsibility for the design, management, integration, evaluation and enhancement of a coherent and coordinated curriculum. Its authority originates by delegated powers from the School of Medicine Faculty Executive Committee. The Curriculum Management Committee is by design a predominately faculty committee that has full authority and final approval over curriculum for the medical education program leading to the MD degree at WSUSOM. Through its management and oversight of the undergraduate program leading to the Medical Doctor (M.D.) degree, the Curriculum Management Committee ensures that students learn the requisite knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors to be well prepared and highly qualified for subsequent medical licensure, postgraduate residency training, and a successful career in the field of medicine.

Major responsibilities of the CMC are to:

  • Engage in the systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of relevant data for the purposes of identifying curricular challenges and curricular strengths and to act on this information in support of curricular improvement and the establishment of an optimal learning environment.
  • Monitor and approve the regular systematic course/clerkship reviews with respect to objectives, content, instructional activities, time allocation, evaluative procedures, outcomes, and to make recommendations for improvement.
  • Monitor and approve the regular systematic reviews of the medical education curriculum, including segments of the curriculum and the curriculum phases, and review of the entire/overall curriculum to make recommendations for revisions to ensure the achievement of the medical education program objectives.
  • Review the quality of the education being delivered at each of the partnered Clinical sites ensuring comparable education experiences and equivalent methods of assessment across all Clinical Campus Partners.
  • Review and approve proposed curriculum revisions; monitor and enforce existing curriculum policies; and continually report to the students, faculty, staff and administration on Curriculum Management Committee activities.

Comments and questions 

  • The Curriculum Management Committee welcomes input from the School of Medicine community.