LCME Accreditation

Warrior MD education prepares students for residencies and ultimately, careers that transform lives through medicine and research

The School of Medicine is continually transforming how we educate medical students to meet the needs of patients and communities, especially those affected by health inequities and disparities. Whether new initiatives, or enhancements to existing initiatives, the school implements in accordance with Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) standards.  

What is LCME?

M.D. degree medical education programs in the United States and Canada are accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME).  The LCME is a voluntary and peer-reviewed process that supports achievement of quality standards set by the accrediting board.  Only those schools who meet these standards which include a process of institutional and programmatic improvement are able to bestow MD degrees to their students for the medical education received. Additional information is available.

LCME Self-Study Workgroups

Workgroups of Medical School leadership, students, faculty and staff have formed to begin the self-study process. The LCME Self-study Task Force will oversee all activities of the reaccreditation process. The following workgroups will take on extensive duties related to the self-study process:

  1. Institutional Setting & Resources
  2. Faculty
  3. Academic and Learning Environment
  4. Medical Education Program/Curriculum
  5. Medical Student Experience
  6. Independent Student Analysis

What's Next in our Journey?

The next LCME visit to the School of Medicine in April 2023 and given our culture of continuous improvement, we are will be ready at each step toward re-accreditation.

Continuous Quality Improvement

We acknowledge all the work being done to continuously improve the medical school. Our efforts involve everyone at the School of Medicine. If you are interested to learn more regarding the enhancements made thus far (based on data and feedback requiring improvements), please visit:

2021 You Said, We Did Newsletter

While we're hard at work, we welcome any additional suggestions from School of Medicine community members as we work toward a culture of continuous improvement.