LCME Accreditation

Transformative change:

  • Culture of data-driven decision making and continuous improvement
  • Significant strategic investments and more than adequate resources
  • Organizational clarity and operational excellence
  • Creation of a learner-centric environment

The School of Medicine is transforming the way we educate medical students. New initiatives throughout the school are being implemented in accordance with the standards set forth by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) to better prepare students for residencies and their future careers in the field.

Based on the immediate needs identified by the LCME during their 2015 site visit and feedback from our current medical students, faculty and staff, the following initiatives have been developed:

What we heard:

  • More collaborative learning environments
  • More pathways for gaining early clinical experience
  • Increased independent learning opportunities
  • Develop a curriculum for the 21st century physician
  • Need to attract and retain a more diverse body of students to meet the needs of our community
  • Need more pathways for ensuring student success


What we have done:

  • Integrated service-learning opportunities into the year one curriculum as part of the new Patient, Population and Physician (P3) course
  • Increased independent study time in years one and two by reducing lecture hours and refocusing lecture content
  • Created a subcommittee for student input on the curriculum management committee
  • Introduced problem-based learning into the curriculum to help students develop self-directed learning skills
  • Developed new student assessment strategies
  • Instituted a holistic admissions review process in an effort to create a more diverse and inclusive environment
  • Overhauled admissions recruitment efforts and strategies to better engage, support and connect with a diverse applicant pool
  • Expanded the Office of Diversity and Inclusion to ensure all students have the resources needed to apply to and attend medical school
  • Established the Office of Enrollment Management Services, connecting Admissions, Records and Registration, and Financial Aid to serve student needs at all levels
  • Developed the Office of Learning and Teaching to help students with STEP 1 and better prepare them for residencies
  • Changed the grading system for years one and two to a pass/fail system
  • In the process of creating learning communities for incoming students to learn and train in cohorts from day one through graduation


For more detailed information on the changes we've made, please take a look at our LCME briefing book. While we're hard at work, we welcome any additional suggestions from School of Medicine community members as we work toward a culture of continuous improvement.

Policies and procedures

The Wayne State University School of Medicine sets policies to help ensure its mission of graduating a diverse group of physicians and biomedical scientists who will transform the promise of equal health into a reality for all.

It is the responsibility of WSU faculty, staff and students to comply with university policies at all times. We encourage you visit the School of Medicine's policies portal to become familiar with the policies and procedures that apply to you.