Winter 2017 Basic Sciences Faculty Professional Development Schedule

Certificate of Recognition for professional development attendance can be achieved by meeting the following criteria:

    • Attend a minimum of 3 sessions
    • Complete an individual reflection to earn a certificate in advanced teaching methods.


PBL Prep: Narrative Assessment

Date: Tuesday, 1/31/17
Time: 11:30-1:00PM
Objective: Faculty will describe best practices for providing students with meaningful narrative feedback.

Narrative feedback has become an important element in WSU SOM classes to provide students with a description of their performance on assignments, projects, and in collaborative settings. Narrative feedback can be a very powerful device for promoting self-directed learning when it best practices are adhered to for formulating and providing feedback. This session will provide participants the opportunity to review and apply best practices for completing narrative assessment as well as advising students who are completing narrative assessments of their peers.


Designing Multiple Choice Questions to Assess WSU SOM Student Learning

Date: Thursday, 2/9/17
Time: 12PM-1:30PM

    • Faculty will align course assessments with student learning objectives
    • Faculty will align assessments with the rigor and relevance of the student learning objectives

Assessments are aligned with defined learning objectives taught during the course and are aligned at the same level of rigor and relevance of the content that was taught. This ensures that we truly are assessing what students have learned instead of what they should have learned.

In this session, participants will evaluate test questions for alignment to learning objectives and map questions to evaluate their rigor and relevance. Participants will then work on revising existing assessment questions and developing new assessment questions to measure student learning.

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Matching Learning Objectives to Assessments

Date: Wednesday, 3/22/17
Time: 12PM-1:30PM

Objective: Faculty will create measurable and observable student learning objectives.

Learning objectives are the foundation to any learning experience. It defines, in clear observable and measurable terms, what the learner will be able to do upon completion of the learning experience. It is used to assess whether or not students learned. Finally, they can be used to determine the most appropriate educational activity.
In this session, participants will apply guidelines for well-developed learning objectives to evaluate current learning objectives for their course and revise them to ensure they are measurable and observable. If participants do not currently have defined learning objectives associated with a learning activity, they will have the opportunity to develop them according to the guidelines provided.

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Lecture Designed to Engage Students and Promote Learning

Date: Thursday, 4/20/17
Time: 12PM-1:30PM

Objective: Faculty will update lectures with best practices

    • Chunking content
    • Interactive opportunities
    • Design for inclusion of instructional technology

While many different methods of teaching are used throughout medical education, lecture is one of the most common methods used with students in the Basic Sciences curriculum to deliver content to WSU SOM students.

Additionally, many WSU SOM students stream lectures rather than attend them live. Designing lectures to incorporate additional opportunities for student engagement and critical thinking help to promote retention of information provide formative feedback.

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Styling Assessment Questions to NBME Format

Date: Wednesday, 5/10/17
Time: 12PM-1:30PM

Objectives: Participants will write assignment and assessment questions that match the format and style of questions that WSU SOM students encounter on NBME Exams.

Constructing questions that students encounter on in-class assignments and assessments in a format that is similar to the format of questions they will encounter on NBME exams will help promote student success.

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**Lunch will be provided for all sessions.