As the Web support team for the School of Medicine, we are here to assist in getting all of the SOM Web presence up to date, and to provide informative content that is also inviting to the site visitors. Please find below an outline of the services we currently provide.

Web Development

We provide the SOM with a fully database driven Web presence. We are developing all of the new sites and redesigned sites with a more easily maintainable Web presence through innovative development standards. We can create new sites and restore previous sites that require modifications. Our main focus is functionality, and we are capable of building applications that enhance Website usability and performance well beyond many of our current sites.
Web Maintenance and Content Management

WDC is fortunate enough to have the advantage of a proprietary Content Management System available to the SOM. Our team operates and maintains the flow of content between many of the units within the School of Medicine. As we move forward, this tool provides all of the units we work with an extremely user friendly interface. The ease of use supports each unit that is responsible for providing accurate and up-to-date content for all of the pages and areas of their relative sites.

Web Training

As stated above, we are fortunate enough to be able to use a Content Management System which allows us to develop and edit all School of Medicine websites. We regularly provide our clients with training sessions on our CMS. Once training is complete, the client will have an understanding of how to edit the web pages within thier own site, as well as adding events and news items as needed. Contact WDC to schedule CMS Training.

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