Branding Identity

It is vital for all units within the Wayne State University School of Medicine to represent a strong and united web presence by displaying a consistent branding identity. World-renowned for its state-of-the-art research, high standards for medical education and physician training, and dedication to providing specialized medical care to the community, there is no better reason to remain unified and proudly demonstrate our School of Medicine brand. Adhering to the WSU SOM standards not only represents our brand and shows consistency, but will allow the user to easily recognize that they are viewing a website within the School of Medicine family. Please view our branding standards below.

Web Colors

White Light Gray Yellow Light Beige Light Teal WSU Green
Black Dark Gray Yellow Gold Beige Teal Burgundy
#000000 #999999 #CCA500 #8B835F #006666 #8B2145

Website Examples

obgyn 1





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