Beating the Bug!

Largely eradicated as pests in the 1940s, bedbugs have seen a resurgence over the last several years.  Unfortunately, our campus is not immune to this problem.  While dealing with bed bugs can be frustrating and exhausting, Wayne State University works closely with a local, licensed exterminator to help us safely mitigate any occurrence of bed bugs from campus.

We are contracted for regular visual inspections and use bed bug sniffing dogs to inspect the Shiffman Library, Mazurek building, Scott Hall lecture halls, MD labs and the student lounge.

We also rely on students to help contain and control bed bugs in our spaces.  If a student finds or suspects they have seen a bed bug in the library or school we asked that they “take a picture, kill it, and report it.”  Report forms are available on line at: Bed Bug Report Form. Paper forms are available at the main desk of the library.

Our pest control company is immediately notified to complete an inspection of the suspected area and either okay it for use or cordon it off until the area is treated.  Fixed furniture is taped off and chemically treated, while chairs are removed and heat treated.  All furniture is re-inspected after treatment, if there are no additional signs of bed bugs then the furniture is available for use.

For more information on bed bugs, our policy and information from our pest control company, review the information below.

Bed Bug – Medical Student Town Hall (4/15/2016)
Richard S. Baker, M.D.

WSU-SOM Bed Bugs – Lecture (03/06/2015)
Matt Jackson, PhD, Ron Spalding & Ed Blumling of Ridder Pest Control

Bed Bug Sighting?  Please submit a Bed Bug Report Form here!

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