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Wayne State School of Medicine’s Office of Assessment assists in the development and maintenance of the medical school’s high quality programs and services. The assessment of student learning outcomes proves to be one of the best ways of determining whether or not the School of Medicine is fulfilling its mission and goals. We provide students with assessments of the specific learning objectives associated with our six core curriculum competencies and the cognitive domain (knowledge, skill, attitude/behavior) being evaluated for each objective. The administrators, department heads, and the faculty and staff utilized the information gathered to both evaluate and improve our academic and non-academic offerings. Results help to evaluate the effectiveness of the School of Medicine’s curriculum.

You, as a student, are also the main source of information in the progression of assessment. Student participation in influencing academic quality at Wayne State University School of Medicine involves sharing details about educational experiences through surveys and formal testing.

For any information, questions or concerns, please send an email to and someone from our staff will respond within 24 hours.  Please do not individually email any testing staff.  We look forward to servicing your testing needs.

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