Year 1 Calendar

Wayne State University School of Medicine students can access their Year 1 course schedule and Learning Community calendars below. Please contact the Academic Student Programs department with questions or concerns.

Please carefully read through the key information below regarding the various Google calendars that house M1 schedules. Keep an eye out for any emails from Erika Roberts throughout the year, as they will likely be important schedule updates.

The M1 Schedule: Fundamentals of a Healthy Patient calendar displays the academic sessions for each unit. You are responsible for the material covered in all of the sessions listed in this calendar. Sessions that are marked “REQUIRED” are mandatory for the entire class to attend in person. Some of the required sessions are marked “As Assigned”, meaning you will have individualized logistics (location, start time, etc.) for these sessions. Refer to description about the Learning Community calendars below.


Your Learning Community calendar will house various small group assignments and note your specific logistics based on your LC and/or Gross Anatomy table number. You will begin to see more listings populate this calendar as assignments are finalized for the “As Assigned” sessions. Your LC color groups and GA table number assignments were emailed to you from Student Affairs.


The Curricular Enhancements calendar shows all optional sessions such as reviews, SIL office hours, and Gross Anatomy Prep sessions. Each session begins with “(M1)” or “(M2)” to denote which class it is intended for. 


With a Google account, you have the ability to layer multiple Google Calendars. Layering calendars can be a great time saver by allowing the coordination of all your classes and activities in one place. It is important to layer the M1 schedule with your Learning Community calendar in order to get a complete picture of your schedule. If you have not done so already, please create a google account.


Current Gmail users: Add the M1 Schedule: Fundamentals of a Healthy Patient calendar  to your Gmail account for easy layering, then click on the Google Calenle Calendar button in the lower right hand corner of the calendar. You will be asked to log-in and add M1 Schedule: Fundamentals of a Healthy Patient to your personal Google calendar. Accept the calendar and the link will appear on the left under My calendars. You can open and close the view by clicking on the M1 Schedule: Fundamentals of a Healthy Patient link. 


You will repeat this process to subscribe to the Curricular Enhancements For your Learning Community calendar (Blue; Brown; Gray; Green; Orange; ; Red; Yellow), only subscribe to the calendar for your assigned LC in order to avoid any confusion around your schedule.