Curriculum Management Committee Membership


Richard Baker, MD
Vice Dean for Medical Education

Committee Secretary

Robert Reaves, MBA
Accreditation Specialist

Recording Administrative Assistant

Sharon Taylor
Program Project Assistant
Assistant to Dean of Undergraduate Medical Education

Faculty Appointees

Barbara Bosch, MD
Associate Professor
Department of Pathology

Rod Braun, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology

Yvonne Friday, MD
Assistant Professor
Department of Pediatrics

Diane Levine, MD
Associate Professor
Department of Internal Medicine

William Kupsky, MD
Department of Pathology

Robert Lasley, PhD
Department of Physiology

Ray Mattingly, PhD
Professor and Chair
Department of Pharmacology

Kaladhar Reddy, PhD
Department of Pathology

T.R. Reddy, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Immuno/Microbiology

Faculty Members

Matt Jackson, PhD
Asstant Dean
Basic Sciences

Jason Booza, PhD
Director of Assessment and
Medical Education Research

Eileen Hug, DO
Director of Medical Education
Henry Ford Health System

Lisa Maclean, MD
Assistant Dean
Student Affairs and Career Development

Ad-Hoc Member

Joel Appel, DO

Jamie Fox, MPA

Student Members

Bhavika Chepuri, Year IV Appointed Member

Jeremy Llaniguez, YearIV Appointed Member

Matthew Madion, Year IV Alternate Member

Aula Ramo, Year III Appointed Member

Sudheer Dhoop, Year III Alternate Member

Swapna Musunur, Year II Appointed Member

Alexander Waselewski, Year II Alternate Member

Aaron Tisack, Year I Appointed Member

Ashleigh Peoples, Year I Alternate Member