Curriculum Management Committee Subcommittees

Six standing committees function as operational workgroups in support of the CMC (Figure 1). Three subcommittees are phase based and correspond to the Pre-clerkship, clerkship and Post-clerkship phases of the curriculum, respectively. Three subcommittees are non-phase based. The Longitudinal and Integration Subcommittee addresses curricular elements that are not specific to a phase as well as the integration of elements across phases (e.g., student research, quality and safety). The Student Education Subcommittee facilitates robust input and substantive engagement of students in curriculum development and implementation. The Instruction and Assessment Subcommittee ensures availability of expertise in curricular design and methods of instruction, student assessment, and program evaluation and the consistent application of this expertise to the curriculum as is appropriate. In addition to the standing subcommittees, ad hoc subcommittees may be created as necessary at the behest of the CMC.

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