Curriculum Management Committee Charge

The Curriculum Management Committee is a subcommittee of the Faculty Senate and is responsible for the design, management and evaluation of the Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) program. The Curriculum Management Committee Chair reports committee activities to the Vice Dean for Medical Education and subsequently, the Vice Dean or his/her designee reports to the Dean and the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate. The Curriculum Management Committee is the approving body for all curriculum changes and is the final authority regarding minor and major curriculum changes. There are three subcommittees of the Curriculum Management Committee; the Pre-clerkship Education Subcommittee, Clerkship Education Subcommittee, and the Continuous Performance Improvement Subcommittee. The Curriculum Management Committee reviews and approves all curricular change and monitors content, teaching, and the effectiveness of required courses and clerkships across the continuum of UME, identifying gaps and redundancies through the work and subsequent reporting of the subcommittees.