Ph.D. program

The Biomedical Science Programs through the Wayne State University School of Medicine provide outstanding graduate education, student interaction and research opportunities across all of our programs. With focus on career development and research training, our academic programs help graduate students increase their chances for future success in their chosen areas of study.

Preparing you for your future as an independent researcher is the primary role of the Office of Graduate Scholars, the departmental training program and your faculty mentor. All three work together to assist students in career development, obtaining job contacts and travel to national meetings. Outstanding training coupled with career placement is the key to your successful postgraduate opportunities.

At least 85% accepted postdoctoral positions in some of the country's most prestigious research institutions. Many of our graduates are now working as research and teaching faculty at colleges and universities nationwide. Others graduates serve in government (NIH), industry, and biotechnology. The remainder continue at professional schools (medicine, law) or go directly into non-research teaching jobs. More than 20% hold faculty positions. 


Doctor of Philosophy

Anatomy and Cell Biology
Director: Susmit Suvas, Ph.D.,, (313) 577-9820

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Director: David Evans, Ph.D.,, (313) 577-1016

Cancer Biology
Director: George S. Brush, Ph.D.,, (313) 578-4300

Immunology and Microbiology
Director: T.R.Reddy, Ph.D.,, (313) 577-1310

Medical Physics
Director: Jay Burmeister, Ph.D.,, (313) 576-9624

Molecular Genetics and Genomics
Director: Russell Finley, Jr., Ph.D.,, (313) 577-7845

Director: Todd Leff, Ph.D.,, (313) 577-3006

Director: Nicholas Davis, Ph.D.,, (313) 577-8654

Director: Robert Lasley, Ph.D.,, (313) 577-9444

Translational Neuroscience Program
Director: Jeffrey Stanley, Ph.D.,, (313) 577-9090