Near Peer Learning Coach Program

The mission of the Near Peer Learning Coach Program is to support medical students in the attainment of their learning goals by engaging them in one-to-one and small-group tutoring and supplementary learning opportunities.  

This program aims to assist students in becoming adaptive experts by coaching them toward a deeper and more intentional understanding of the medical education curriculum. 

Types of Coaching Sessions

We offer three types of coaching sessions:

  1. ONE-TO-ONE: These sessions are individualized and must be scheduled at least 72 hours in advance. These coaching sessions will run for approximately 60 minutes. Students can self-select to schedule a coaching session through the WAMS scheduling platform or they can be referred by the OLT Learning Skills Specialist. 
  2. DROP-IN:  These long-term coaching assignments are arranged through the Office of Learning and Teaching and will run for approximately 60 minutes. 
  3. SMALL GROUP: These sessions are based on collaborative learning principles where all participants are responsible for sharing their knowledge and understanding of subject matter content under the guidance of a content expert. A typical small group session will comprise two or more Near Peer Learning Coaches. These sessions are prearranged by the Segment or Course Directors. This coaching session will run for approximately 60 minutes.

All coaching sessions will occur virtually unless otherwise prearranged by the appropriate stakeholders. 

Near-Peer Coaching Agreement


As a student participating in Wayne State University School of Medicine's Near-Peer Coaching Program, I acknowledge and agree to the following responsibilities: 

  1. I will arrive at every coaching session on time. I understand that if I am 15 minutes late to a coaching session, I will be considered a "No Show" and the Coach will not be obligated to keep the appointment.
  2. I will come prepared to fully engage in the coaching session. I will identify personal learning goals. I will come prepared for every topic of discussion.
  3. I understand that I must follow all recommendations made by course directors, the OLT Learning Specialist, and the Class Counselor. 
  4. I will approach learning with an open mind.


As a Coach participating in Wayne State University School of Medicine's Near-Peer Coaching Program, I acknowledge and agree to the following responsibilities: 

  1. I will be on time for all scheduled meetings.
  2. I will notify the student as far in advance as possible if I am going to arrive late to a session.  
  3. If I must cancel a session, I will contact the student as far in advance as possible.
  4. I will come to each session prepared to answer the student's questions to the best of my knowledge and abilities.
  5. If necessary, I will seek out supplementary instructional resources to support students' learning. 
  6. I will admit when I do not have an answer to a problem.  I will work with the student to find information. I may even contact the course directors about a situation.
  7. I will adhere to the WSU SoM Code of Conduct.
  8. I will abide by FERPA guidelines and keep students personal and academic information confidential.
  9. I will participate in professional development opportunities that strengthen my role as a Learning Coach.
  10. I will complete weekly logs and ensure each junior student completes the follow-up survey after each coaching session.


  1. When the student misses 2 coaching sessions without reasonable notification (reinstatement will be considered after consultation with the Office of Learning and Teaching).
  2. When the coaching is not helping the student to progress in their academics.
  3. When the student, OLT learning specialist, and learning coach agree that the student is able to make satisfactory progress working independently.  


  1. Follow this link to the WAMS Scheduling System 
  2. Choose the department (e.g. School of Medicine: Office of Learning and Teaching
  3. Choose the subject (i.e. clinical skills) or Learning Community House ( i.e. MED2_Blue -MED2 Blue or MED4_Red- MED4 Red)
  4. Choose the course/topic. This field will populate for subject-area selections. If the learning community house option was selected in the previous field, you will need to choose the color of the Learning Community House that you belong to. For example, if you are a second-year student who is a member of the Red Learning Community House and looking to schedule an appointment with an M4 Near-Peer Learning Coach, you would make the following selection: (e.g., subject: MED4_Red- MED 4 Red course/topic: MED4_Red)
  5. Select a date and time that works best for you, enter your telephone number, and confirm your appointment

If you are unable to schedule an appointment due to there being no Near-Peer Learning Coaches available, please contact the Office of Learning and Teaching by email at or by phone at (313) 577-3547.