Wellness Warriors: Monica Shah

August 17, 2017

Sports have been a large part of medical student Monica Shah’s life since she was a child, and nothing has changed that since she became a member of our Class of 2018.

“During medical school, whenever I felt stressed out before an exam or under pressure, being active is what helped me feel re-energized and ready to perform,” she said. “I loved playing intramural basketball and working on my shot every week during my first and second year of medical school. Cycling to the beat during spin classes at the Wayne State University gym helped me feel relaxed during the times I had to push myself in school.”

She would play beach volleyball every Thursday while studying for her Step 2 CK exam, using the adrenaline rush from exciting games to help her focus more on studying.

“Physical fitness and sports are important to me because they empower me to be the best version of myself, on the court and off,” she said.

Shah also is passionate about Bollywood dancing, and was on a competitive Bollywood dance team in college. To spread her love for Bollywood dancing and fitness, she started Bollywood fitness classes at the medical school as part of its Health and Wellness Program. “This was a great way for me to interact with other students and show them how to use dance as a method of stress management,” she said.