Dr. Naar publishes new book on motivational interviewing

July 14, 2017

Sylvie Naar, Ph.D., is professor and director of the Division of Behavioral Sciences in the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences for the Wayne State University School of Medicine, has published “Motivational Interviewing and CBT Combining Strategies for Maximum Effectiveness” with co-author Steven Safren, Ph.D., professor of Psychology for the University of Miami.

Published by Guilford Press, the 242-page book is part of the Applications of Motivational Interviewing Series edited by Stephen Rollnick, William Miller and Theresa Moyers. It would be of interest to mental health practitioners, including clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, counselors, psychiatric nurses and other health professionals who employ motivational interviewing and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

According to the publisher, the book demonstrates how motivational interviewing and cognitive-behavioral therapy can lead to better client outcomes than using either approach on its own. The authors demonstrate strategies ideally suited to boost client motivation and strengthen the therapeutic relationship, whether used as a pretreatment intervention or throughout the course of CBT. Purchasers get access to a web page where they can download and print reproducible materials in a convenient 8½-x-11-inch size.

Dr. Naar conducts research on the use of motivational interviewing and motivational interviewing integrated with CBT to improve health behaviors for many populations. She also studies how best to teach the method and how to implement the approach within organizations.

She has led several federally-funded projects utilizing the techniques to improve health behaviors for many populations and delivered by many types of providers. She also has funded projects to study how to best teach the techniques and how to implement motivational interviewing within organizations.

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