Open Source Medicine students use technology to overcome challenges

January 14, 2015

Open Source Medicine is a student organization that focuses on developing technology-based solutions to a variety of challenges within our community and the Wayne State University School of Medicine. The goals of OSM are to facilitate the education of various aspects of medicine and to provide avenues for students to educate each other and their community.

OSM believes in the power of sharing knowledge with peers and with patients.

My Health Report, developed by OSM, is a clinical initiative with the goal of improving patients’ knowledge and understanding of their own health. My Health Report is a computer program that organizes patient information recorded at health fairs and prints it at an accessible reading level in multiple languages. It gives patients relevant information about key health metrics to increase health awareness.

WikiNotes is an educational initiative with the goal of providing course content to students in an innovative and efficient way. WikiNotes provides wiki-style course content, organized and customized by students for students. It utilizes a fully searchable, cross-linked format.

ExamSource is an educational initiative that seeks to help students test their medical knowledge and understanding, and provides feedback to help them focus their studying. It is a community-powered question bank that students can use to study for their medical school courses and the United States Medical Licensing Exam Step 1.

Draw It Know It is an educational initiative with the goal of creating memory aids for medical school topics that are difficult to master using rote memorization. It is a YouTube video series showcasing original mnemonics for medical school topics. The concept behind Draw It Know It is "if you can draw it, you know it."

History of Medicine is an educational initiative with the goal of educating students about how modern medicine arose. History of Medicine provides a series of lectures by physicians with experience in different fields.

OSM welcomes any alumni willing to assist in the organization’s initiatives, as well as physicians who are willing to provide historical perspectives on their fields of expertise. For more information or to contact OSM, please click here.