Faculty and staff

Important information

As the School of Medicine is re-opening campus, the essential infrastructure protocol is still in effect. Staff and faculty should work with their unit supervisors to on their plan for an on-campus presence. Staff and faculty that need to work on the medical campus must complete this template and submit to the Dean's office for authorization. 

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Faculty and staff-specific guidelines

  • Contact supervisor who will determine your work-at-home and/or on-campus schedule
  • Unit supervisors will determine which employees are allowed on campus, and the duration and frequency of their campus-based work.
  • Faculty and staff should model health and safety behaviors and follow all recommended guidelines while on campus.
  • Eating and drinking is allowed. Only those unvaccinated are required to wear a mask.  All should feel free to wear a mask if it provides the individual with a greater sense of health protection.
  • Confirm to see if there are any additional requirements for specific courses and follow posted directions in study, class and conference areas.

Important information

  • SOM facilities and operations guide to re-opening.
  • Common space refrigerators and microwaves are closed for use until further notice
  • Regular coronavirus testing mandatory for those with symptoms, student athletes, and on-campus residents

Activities that will occur remotely

  • All didactic lectures
  • ALS Longitudinal Program
  • Assessments
  • Committee meetings
  • Counseling through OEM, ODI, OLT, and OSA
  • Faculty office hours
  • Health & Wellness
  • Knowledge-Based Small Groups (e.g. CBL, PBL, Pharmacovigilance, P4)
  • Learning Communities
  • Non-academic, cultural and entertainment events
  • Recruitment and admissions events and interviews
  • Residency Interviews
  • SIL/SPL tutoring and reviews
  • Student focus groups
  • Student organization and student senate meetings
  • Town halls

Activities approved to occur on-campus

  • ACLS Training
  • Bench Research Labs
  • BLS Training
  • Clinical Experiential Clerkship
  • Clinical rotations at clinical campus sites
  • Clinical Skills
  • Community Engagement
  • ERAS Photo Sessions and Training
  • First Aid Book Distribution
  • Gross Anatomy Lab
  • Longitudinal Ultrasound
  • Service Learning
  • White Coat Distribution
  • Commencement

Daily QR must be used to scan in to buildings each day.