Academic awards and scholarships

Detroit Receiving Hospital Medical Staff Senior Award

In recognition of a graduating senior who has persevered through personal hardship and demonstrated academic success and good character during medical training.

  • Holly Boyum

Distinguished Leadership Awards

Awarded by the Student Senate in recognition of accomplishment and active participation in extracurricular programs that contribute to the betterment of the school.

  • Anjali Alangaden
  • Carter Bench
  • May Chammaa
  • Jody Chou
  • Ntami Echeng
  • Lianna Foster-Bey
  • Michael Franklin
  • Julie Fynke 
  • Daniel Harris
  • Ragda Izar
  • Brigid Jacob
  • Mugdha Joshi
  • Cooper Laurain
  • Hannah Lowe
  • Syed Nabi
  • James Ninia
  • Nawal Peracha
  • Anneliese Petersen
  • Afreen Qadeer
  • Marissa Ray
  • Samantha Rea
  • Julia Smeal
  • Jacob Young 

Learning Communities Leadership Awards

Awarded by the Learning Communities to the student program coordinators in recognition for service to and for the activities that empower student involvement, development and growth.

  • Hassan Al-Fanharwi
  • Samia Jaffar, M.P.H.
  • Vasiliki Kazdaglis
  • Ria Minawala
  • Nina Prieto
  • Rami Youssef

Health and Wellness Leadership Award

Awarded to a graduating senior student in recognition of exceptional commitment to a culture of wellness and leadership in wellness initiatives at Wayne State University School of Medicine.

  • Jody Chou
  • Julie Fynke

Distinction in Biomedical Research

Awarded by the dean upon the recommendation of the faculty to students who have achieved excellence in research and scholarship.

  • May Chammaa
  • Sabrina Dass
  • Jacob Gluski
  • Matthew Henry
  • Samia Jaffar, M.P.H.
  • Jonathan Konel
  • Arif Musa
  • James Ninia
  • Molly Pantelic
  • Eugenia Zeng

Elvis Smith Alford, M.D., and Nellie Corbin Alford Memorial Award

Presented to a senior Wayne State University School of Medicine student based on academic excellence alone.

  • Sarah Nasser

Herbert Mendelson Endowed Fund

Dr. Herbert Mendelson was committed to excellence in patient care. He believed in the art of medicine and that patients should be better after seeing the doctor, regardless of the treatment provided. He emphasized humanity, humility, humor and always going the extra mile to make a difference. Above all, he believed that physicians should maintain their enthusiasm. This award is given to the student whose enthusiasm, dedication and passion for the field of medicine and for helping others embodies the ideals of Dr. Herbert Mendelson.

  • May Chammaa
  • Daniel Harris

Herman and Eva Blum Endowed Award

David Blum, M.D., '72 and his wife, Marie Blum, MLIS '71, established the Herman and Eva Blum Endowed Award. Herman and Eva Blum believed that education was a major avenue for becoming free from poverty and to provide the means to always help the poor, the sick, the weak and the downtrodden, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or religion. This annual community service award, in their memory, is to be given to the senior medical student who best represents these principles in thought, and most importantly, in actions.

  • Lakshman Mulpuri

Distinction in Community Service:

  • Joshua George
  • Daniel Harris
  • Anneliese Petersen
  • Samantha Rea

Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Achievement Citation

Presented annually by the American Medical Women's Association to female students who have distinguished themselves by graduating "with distinction" or "with high distinction."

  • Emily Abraham
  • Nawar Aljundi
  • Deepa Daryani
  • Hannah Gloede
  • Ragda Izar 
  • Rebecca Koopman
  • Vivian Liu
  • Gabrielle McGrath
  • Sarah Nasser
  • Molly Pantelic 
  •  Kaitlin Regan
  •  Sarah Skender
  •  Nitika Tripathi
  •  Dorothy Yim
  •  Kristina Zalewski 

Dr. Peter Palmer Scholarship

The Dr. Peter Palmer Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship awarded for the full four years of medical school. This award is funded by the Peter and Patricia Palmer Family Fund at the Community Foundation for SoutheastMichigan at the suggestion of Mrs. Patricia Palmer.

  • Ryan Kelly

Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award

The Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award recognizes a graduating medical student and faculty member who demonstrate both clinical excellence and outstanding compassion in the delivery of care and who show respect for patients, their families and health care colleagues.

  • May Chammaa
  • Ijeoma Nnodim Opara, M.D. - Faculty

Marjorie Edwards Prize for Scholarship and Community Service

Awarded to a senior medical student who has demonstrated academic excellence while being involved in community service.

  • Lianna Foster-Bey

Medical Alumni Senior Scholarship Award

The School of Medicine Alumni Association Award to the senior who has performed at the highest scholastic level during the four-year period.

  • Sarah Nasser

Michigan Association of Physicians from India Annual Award

Presented to a graduating senior who is a member of the MAPI organization and is ranked within the top 25% of the graduating class.

  • Prateek Chintalapati

Mort and Brigitte Harris Endowed Scholarship Fund (Harris Scholars)

Created to recognize scholastic achievement and provide financial assistance to incoming students. This scholarship is awarded to medical students who have demonstrated academic excellence and is designed to provide a legacy of opportunity and promise for generations to come.

  • Muhammad Osto
  • Jacob Wilson

James N. Skupski, M.D., M.P.H., and Dianne Widzinski Endowed Scholarship (Skupski Scholar)

Diane Widzinski established this scholarship in memory of her late husband, Dr. James Skupski, who passed away at an early
age. Dr. Skupski was a quintessential medical educator and an outstanding role model for medical students and residents.
This fund is intended to provide full tuition support through four years of medical school to a student who demonstrates
enthusiasm for dedicating themselves to those in society who are in the greatest need.

  • Lily Bonadonna

Penfil-Tischler Endowed Award

To the senior who, in the opinion of his/her classmates, has developed an understanding of the art of medicine as displayed by the care and understanding of patients during the clinical years of medical school.

  • Mugdha Joshi

The Class of 2022 Academic Achievement Awards

Presented to graduating seniors in recognition of achieving the highest academic performance in the class during each year of medical school.

  • Year I – Emily Abraham
  •  Year II – Sarah Nasser, Kaitlin Regan
  •  Year III – Emily Abraham, Nawar Aljundi, Kenneth Kutschman, Tristan Lemon, Sarah Nasser, Muhammad Osto, Brendan Page, Maksymilian Pilecki, Perra Razoky, Kaitlin Regan, Julia Smeal, Kristina Zalewski
  •  Year IV – Emily Nghiem