Live Conferences

The Office of Continuing Medical Education offers a variety of live conference events in which CME credit hours are earned. Please view our listing below.



“Public Health Lecture Series”
Monthly 2017
Contact: Valentina Djelaj, MSW:
Activity Director: Joneigh Khaldun, M.D., MPH
Credit: 1.00
Location Detroit, MI



“18th Annual Antithrombotic Therapy Symposium”
April 28
Contact: Therese Johnson, 313-577-1180
Activity Director: Kim Tsilimingras, Pharm.D.
Credit: up to 6.50
Location: Dearborn, MI
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“Integrated course in Biology and Physics of Radiation Oncology (IBPRO)”
April 28 – May 3
Contact: Carol Paduchowski, 313-576-8208
Activity Director: Michael Joiner
Credit: up to 43.75
Location: Detroit, MI
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“4th Annual Update in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Symposium”
April 29
Contact: Tina Poole, 313-577-1180
Activity Director: Berhane Seyoum, M.D.
Credit: up to 7.00
Location: Dearborn, MI
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“Vascular Imaging & Interpretation Conference Series”
February – May 2017
*February 7th- Pseudoaneurysm-Hands (Ultrasound)- first offering*
Heart Hospital, 2nd Floor, Training Room 21094

Contact: Nadia Farhat, 313-993-7777 ext. 234
Activity Director: Mahir Elder, M.D.
Credit: up to 19.50
Location: Detroit, MI


“Medicolegal Investigation of Death”
May 3-5
Contact: Therese Johnson, 313-577-1180
Activity Director: Werner Spitz, M.D.
Credit: up to 16.50
Location: Dearborn, MI
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“Children’s Hospital of Michigan 60th Annual Clinic Days”
May 12
Contact: Janet Houghan, 313-745-5464
Activity Director: Deepak Kamat, M.D., Ph.D
Credit: up to 5.50
Location: Troy, MI


“Sinai-Grace Hospital Research Day”
May 18
Contact: Denise Ditty, 313-966-4946
Activity Director: Camelia Arsene, M.D., Ph.D.
Credit: up to 4.75
Location: Detroit, MI


“Screening, Referral and Follow up of Autism Spectrum Disorder Using the M-CHAT-R”
May 19 and June 9
Contact: Geri Deboard, 734-564-1849
Activity Director: Krista Clancy, MS, LLP
Credit: up to 2.00
Location: Grand Rapids and Mt. Pleasant, MI


“Dr. Morris S. Brent Lectureship”
May 20
Contact: Lisa Ramos, 313-577-9022
Activity Director: Brenda Moskovitz, M.D.
Credit: up to 3.75
Location: Detroit, MI




“17 Annual Update in Internal Medicine: Selected Topics and Controversies”
July 28-30
Contact: Therese Johnson, 313-577-1180
Activity Director: Ghulam Saydain, M.D.
Credit: up to 13.50
Location: Bay Harbor, MI
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“The 12th Annual State of the Art Treatment of Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium”
October 21
Contact: Alicia Uryga, 313-577-1180
Activity Director: Philip Philip, M.D. and Anteneh Tesfaye, M.D.
Credit: up to 6.50
Location: Troy, MI




“Wayne Day 2017: Insights in Pelvic Health: What’s New Down There?”
December 5
Contact: Alaina Bruce, 313-993-4027
Activity Director: Danita H. Akingba, M.D.
Credit: up to 5.25
Location: Detroit, MI