Graduate Certificate in Clinical & Translational Science

Office: School of Medicine Graduate Programs, 1128 Scott Hall
Certificate Director: Daniel A. Walz, PhD

The goal of the Bridge Certificate in Clinical and Translational Science for MD/PhD Students is to train MD/PhD students in the key elements of clinical and translational science. Thus, the curriculum for this certificate includes courses in biostatistics; epidemiology; development of novel clinical and translational methodologies; designing and implementing clinical trials and clinical research; understanding the clinical presentation, diagnosis, management and treatment of patients in the context of cutting edge research methodologies; adhering to federal regulatory and ethical requirements in conducting clinical and scientific research; and preparing, writing and submitting competitive fellowship and grant applications to national and federal peer-reviewed funding agencies; as well as performing research. Enrollment in this program is limited to students in the MD/PhD program at WSU.


Admission is contingent upon admission to the Graduate School. Admission in the GCCTS is limited to students in the MD/PhD program. An application must be filed, that is submitted online to the Graduate School, in which the applicant provides their information and a very brief statement of purpose for enrolling in the GCCTS curriculum.

Degree Requirements

This Bridge Certificate in Clinical and Translational Science requires 15 credits in the required didactic courses. These 15 credits of didactic courses can be combined with 15 credits of research (not dissertation) to obtain an optional Master’s of Science in Medical Research degree. The duration is designed for 7-8 years, over the term of the MD/PhD program. All course work must be completed in compliance with Graduate School and School of Medicine graduate scholarship and certificate requirements, including a cumulative earned 3.0 GPA in the courses offered for credit, and must maintain a Satisfactory grade in the courses graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U)

Required Courses

The Bridge Certificate in Clinical and Translational Science requires 15 credits in MDR 7090 (2 cr.), MDR 7100 (2 cr), MDR 7110 (2 cr.), PSL 7710 (1 cr.) or equivalent, FPH 7015 (4 cr.), FPH 7240 (3 cr.) and BMS 6010 (1 cr.).

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