M.D. Program Health Records Office

The M.D. Program Health Records Office offers a variety of resources and useful information.

Services for Students

  • Reviews and signs VSAS Immunization forms
  • Reviews all health certification forms required for incoming students
  • Reviews student health records to ensure compliance with M.D. program health standards
  • Coordinates annual TB Testing and Influenza Vaccination clinics

Important Policies

  • Non-Involvement of Providers of Student Health Services in Student Assessment or Promotion:
    • The health professionals who provide health services, including psychiatric/psychological counseling, to a medical student are prohibited from having any involvement in the academic assessment or promotion of the medical student receiving those services.
    • All breaches of this policy, actual or suspected, must be reported and will be investigated by the Associate Dean of Student Affairs.
  • SOM Student Health and Immunization Access and Storage Policy:
    • It is the policy of Wayne State University School of Medicine to ensure that student health and immunization records and Information will be protected from a loss of:
      • Confidentiality: so that information is accessible only to authorized individuals.
      • Availability: that authorized users have access to relevant information when required.
    • All breaches of information security, actual or suspected, must be reported and will be investigated.
    • Student Health and Immunization Information will be stored by the WSU School of Medicine Health Records Office.
    • Access to the health record and information will be restricted to Health Office personnel.
    • Students can sign an authorization granting the School of Medicine Records Office permission to contact the WSU School of Medicine Health Office to request an immunization compliance report. This compliance report is only shared with the authorized clinical site personnel to document student compliance with immunization policies.
    • Students can request access and copies to their health and immunization records by contacting the WSU SoM Health Records Office.




Office location: Lande 361
Office email: MDHealthRecords@wayne.edu