Calendars & Set-Up

Curriculum Calendars

Year 1 Course Calendar

Year 2 Course Calendar

Curricular Enhancements Calendar

Student Events Calendar


Gmail Account Users (who want to sync calendars)

If you have a Gmail account, you can add these calendars to your Google Calendar.

  1. Open or view the calendar you want to add
  2. Click the + Google Calendar button in the right hand corner (see below)
  3. Log-in and add Year Course Calendar to your personal Google calendar.
  4. Accept the calendar and the link will appear on the left under My calendars.
  5. You can open and close the view by clicking on the Year Course Calendar link.
  6. Course schedules will be viewed side-by-side with your personal events.


Does you Calendar support the iCal format?

Please use the following addresses below to access your calendar from other calendar applications. You can copy and paste this into any calendar product that supports the iCal format

Instructions for syncing Google Calendar with Apple iCal are available HERE

The links to the ics files are:

Year 1 Course Schedule:

Year 2 Course Schedule:

Curricular Enhancements:

Student Events Calendar


Need Help?

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Phone: 313-577-HELP
MSIS Helpdesk 
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