Curriculum Mapping

The medical school faculty is embarking on a curriculum transformation plan starting with Year 1  being implemented July 2018. The Highways to Excellence curriculum develops more individualized educational experiences. The organ systems-based curriculum blends and reinforces basic sciences and clinical experiences from day one, integrating classroom, self-directed learning and small-group learning with clinical skills, cases, experience and training. The curriculum enables physicians-in-training to customize their studies, with time for electives and career choice exploration, including opportunities to focus on the health of underserved populations through community impact missions and partnerships.

Highways to Excellence Curriculum

This is the curriculum track for students who entered Wayne State University School of Medicine after June 2018. Learn more about the new Highways to Excellence Curriculum.


WSU SOM Curriculum

This is the curriculum track for students who entered Wayne State University School of Medicine before July 2018. Students who matriculated before the summer of 2018 may be enrolled in the WSU SOM Curriculum. New students cannot enter this track; it has been succeeded by the Highways to Excellence Curriculum track since July 2018.

Basic Science Curriculum

The Year 2 program is primarily devoted to understanding the effect of disease processes on organ structure and function and the actions of drugs. In the course of achieving this objective the curriculum is designed to help the student prepare for their role as a problem solver. This will involve acquiring basic information, but, more importantly, it will also involve understanding concepts and relationships.

A clinical medical course runs through both years, integrating many smaller courses such as: Introduction to the Patient, Evidence-Based Medicine, Medical Ethics, Human Sexuality, Preventive Medicine, Public Health Interviewing and Physical Diagnosis into a sequence of case-based teaching modules taught in small groups.

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