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Grant Preparation and Management

In an effort to foster research support to the faculty, the School of Medicine (SOM) Office of Research and the WSU Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) provide assistance concerning the development of grant applications, grant processing, and post-award management.

The process of acquiring extramural funding can be divided into overlapping phases:

1.     Grant Preparation and Submission

Pre-award activities include proposal development, the identification of potential funding sources, and budget development. The SOM Office of Research offers assistance with these activities as requested. Currently, review of the final proposal budget and review of the application is conducted by Sponsored Programs Administration to insure that all institutional and sponsor guidelines are followed. Review and written approval by SPA is required before a proposal may be submitted to the funding agency.

2.     Review of the Application by the Funding Agency

The details of the review process are a function of the funding agency or sponsor. The number of reviewers, the degree of detail provided in the critique, and the turn around time may vary considerably among sponsors.

3.     Grant Activation and Completion

Post-award activities are managed by the Principal Investigator and the departmental grants administrator in conjunction with WSU Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA). There are several important activities that must be completed before a grant can be activated and funds can be accessed. There are also a number of reports that must be filed with the institution and the funding agency when a grant is completed. Both the WSU SPA office and the School of Medicine Office of Fiscal Affairs offer assistance.