Bismillah Quran


Islamic Medical Student Association

The journey through medical school can be a tough and trying one.  Having the support of other Muslim students can help.  IMSA is here to serve as your home away from home during your time here at Wayne State University's School of Medicine.

One of IMSA's main goals is to have upperclassmen serve as mentors for new students.  Having others who have been through the same classes providing advice is an invaluable resource, and IMSA's member’s are ready and willing to help their peers. IMSA also attempts to participate in dawah activities that educate the larger Wayne State School of Medicine community about Islam.  Taking down any barriers towards understanding each other results in deeper and more meaningful relationships with our colleagues here at school.

The Prophet (pbuh) said: "The Similitude Of The Believers In Their Compassion, Mercy, And Affection Toward Each Other Is Like A Single Body.  When One Organ Ails, The Whole Body Suffers And Reacts."

"In God alone, essence (what He is) and existence (that he is) coincide."
--Ibn Sina (Avicenna)--

"There are no incurable diseases - only the lack of will" -- Ibn Sina (Avicenna)--

"Whoever has been occupied with the science of anatomy/dissection has increased his belief in God." --Ibn Al Rushd (Averroes)--

Events for 2012-13