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Division of Occupational and Environmental Health

The Division of Occupational and Environmental Health (DOEH) is involved in research and education, as well as consultation and service in occupational and environmental health. The Division is multidisciplinary in faculty background and research.

Bengt B. Arnetz, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H., MScEpi Professor, Vice Chair, and Deputy Director.


We strive to improve the somatic and mental health and well-being of individuals, organizations and communities by integrating effective and innovative occupational, environmental, and community health research and practices. Healthy environments promote quality performance, essential to productivity, growth, and success of organizations and communities.


To identify occupational and environmental processes and mechanisms of importance for individual, organizational, and community health by means of laboratory and real-life descriptive and intervention research.

To promote the application of such knowledge into occupational, environmental, and community health policies and practices to ensure sustained high quality organizational performance and community health in a rapidly changing global environment.




Our research focuses on current and emerging issues in three major areas:

  • Recognition and mitigation of biological, chemical, physical, and social health hazards especially in urban and multicultural communities;
  • Work-stress and somatic and mental health, and their implication for human capital asset management;
  • Organizational/cultural determinants of patient-staff processes and treatment outcomes;

We collaborate both with Wayne State University, US-based researchers, as well as with a range of international colleagues.


MPH Degree in OEH

We offer courses in:

  • OEH 7420: Principles of Environmental Health  
  • FPH 7860: Principles of Occupational Health (OEH 7860) 
  • FPH 7870:  Occupational Health Psychology
  • FPH 7880:  Organizational Determinants of Employee Health and Productivity
  • Speakers’ Corner
  • Recent References

We offer the following consultative services:

  • Work-stress medicine – diagnosis, management, and prevention of stress-related mental and somatic disorders
  • Program evaluations / Independent medical evaluations (IME) by ABIME certified physician
  • Consultation to patients with occupational and environmental health problems.
  • Safety, health, and environment audits (SHE)
  • Consultative occupational and environmental support to organizations and individual healthcare providers.
  • Member of the Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics (AOEC).

Contact Information
3939 Woodward Avenue
Detroit MI, 48201
Voice: 313-577-2644
Fax: 313-577- 6718