Live Conferences

The Office of Continuing Medical Education offers a variety of live conference events in which CME credit hours are earned. Please view our listing below.



Global & Urban Health & Equity Seminar Series
August 15, 2017- 
“Into to Global Health/Social-cultural and Political Awareness”
September 12, 2017- “Global Burden of Disease/Infectious Disease”
October 10, 2017- “Social and Environmental Determinants of Health”
November 14, 2017- “Travel Safety and Skills”
December 12, 2017- “Ethical Reasoning”
January 09, 2018- “Journal Club and Infectious Disease”
February 13, 2018- “Capacity Strengthening”
March 13, 2018- “Special Populations”
April 03, 2018- “Program Management”

May 08, 2018- “Disaster and Humanitarian Emergencies”
6:00 p.m 8:00 p.m. 
Contact: Cari Williamson, (313) 745-9269
Activity Director: Kristiana Kaufmann, MD
Credit: up to 2.00 each session
Location: Wayne State University-Mazurek Education Commons, Detroit, MI



Public Health Lecture Series- “Safer Opioid Prescribing
January 18, 2018
Activity Director: Joneigh Khaldun, MD
Credit: 1.00
Location: Tolan Park Medical, 3901 Chrysler Service Dr., Detroit, MI 48201


Michigan Urological Society Scientific Meeting
January 24, 2018
Contact: Natalia Sporysz, (313) 577-4937
Activity Director: Steven Lucas, MD
Credit: 3.50
Location: Livonia, MI 48201


Annual Review of The American Society of Hematology Meeting
January 27, 2018
Contact: Cheryl Gunnells, (313) 576-8720
Activity Director: Charles Schiffer, MD
Credit: 5.25
Location: The Dearborn Inn, Dearborn MI



SEMCME Workshop for Residency Program Directors
March 7, 2018
Contact: Ginger Keiffer, (313) 577-1297
Activity Director: David Pieper, PhD and Heidi Kromrei, PhD
Credit: 6.75
Location: Laurel Manor, Livonia, MI


The 2018 Breast Cancer Symposium
March 3, 2018
Contact: Loan Joyce, (313) 576-8760
Activity Director: Lydia Choi, MD
Credit: 6.50
Location: Troy, MI


5th Annual Update in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
April 20, 2018
Contact: Tina M. Poole, (313) 577-1180
Activity Director: Berhane Seyoum, MD
Credit: 7.00
Location: The Dearborn Inn, Dearborn, MI


Antithrombotic Therapy Symposium
April 27. 2018
Contact: Therese Johnson, (313) 577-1180
Activity Director: Kim Tsilimingras, BS Pharm
Credit: 6.50
Location: The Dearborn Inn, Dearborn, MI



Medicolegal Investigation of Death
May 16-18, 2018
Contact: Therese Johnson, (313) 577-1180
Activity Director: Werner Spitz, M.D.
Credit: 16.75
Location: Dearborn, MI



18th Annual Update in Internal Medicine
July 27-29, 2018
Contact: Therese Johnson, (313) 577-1180
Activity Director: Ghulam Saydain, MD
Credit: 16.75
Location: The Inn at Bay Harbor, Bay Harbor, MI