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Wayne State University Addiction Research Institute, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences

2761 E. Jefferson

Detroit, Michigan 48207

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Director: Eugene P. Schoener, Ph.D.

The Addiction Research Institute (ARI) was founded in 1985 as the University's academic center for the interdisciplinary study of addictive disorders.  The ARI mission focuses on basic and applied research, professional training and novel serve that promises to further our understanding and reduce the consequences of alcohol and other drug abuse.  A diverse staff of biomedical and social scientists collaborates on a wide range of prevention-related activities.  Past research has included investigations of: alcohol availability, consumption and damage; subjective, social, and physical availability of alcoholic beverages; efficacy of school-and community-based prevention programs; interpersonal violence, rape, and substance abuse; substance abuse knowledge and attitudes among college and medical students; effectiveness of clinical training in substance abuse; substance abuse knowledge and attitudes among college and medical students; effectiveness of clinical training in substance abuse; efficacy of treatment of chemical dependence; and substance abuse among the mentally ill.

ARI training activities encompass all aspects of the field, from diagnosis and management  to prevention and policy issues.  Audiences for these activities have ranged from community leaders to clinical faculty.  Institute faculty offer: (a) mini-courses through the College of Lifelong Learning; (b) lectures and courses for advanced undergraduate and graduate students; (c) lectures, seminars, externship training and extracurricular learning experiences for medical students; (d) continuing education programs for health professionals; and (e) faculty training in the area of substance abuse.

The Institute coordinates a multi/interdisciplinary graduate certificate program in alcohol and drug abuse studies (CADAS), and has been engaged in a number of innovated service activities since its inception.  These have included: consultation on substance abuse prevention program design; prevention program evaluation; health promotion training in Native American communities; design and management of a community-based prevention program for Detroit: Project EPIC; needs assessment and strategic planning for substance abuse prevention in the City of Detroit; development of a nation medical student network on drug prevention; design and implementation of a clinical assessment instrument for chemically-dependent women; establishment of a substance abuse information center for metropolitan Detroit; and consultation and training for addiction counselors.

ARI staff contribute their time and effort in leadership capacities to local, state, and national professional organizations that further research and dissemination of knowledge about substance abuse and its consequences.




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