Medical Specialty Lunches

The Office of Alumni Affairs, in conjunction with the Office of Student Affairs, hosts a series of medical specialty lunches for students.  Physicians speak informally with students about their chosen specialty.  It’s a fantastic way for students (mostly in their first year) to ask some basic questions about specialties they might be interested in, and to get some insight as to what life is like as a practicing physician.  Physicians will speak to students about their educations, residencies and career, as well as professional and personal experiences in their specialty.  RSVP below to a medical specialty lunch of your choosing.


Date Specialty
Sep. 12 2017 Internal Medicine     
Oct. 11 2017 ENT
Oct. 24 2017 General Surgery        
Nov. 1 2017 Plastic Surgery
Nov. 29 2017 Pediatrics
Dec. 4 2017 Cardiology
Jan. 3 2018 OBGYN
Jan. 22 2018 Emergency Medicine
Jan. 31 2018 PM&R
Feb. 9 2018 Psychiatry
Feb. 28 2018 Anesthesiology
Mar. 2 2018 Family Medicine        
March 21 2018 Ophthalmology
April 12 2018 Orthopedic Surgery
April 16 2018 Dermatology


Medical Specialty Lunches take place from 12 pm to 1 pm on weekdays in Scott Hall.  If you have questions or need more information, contact Nicole Vanbiesbrouck, Alumni Program Officer at 313-577-1380 or