Winter 2002 - Volume 13, No. 1

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WSU Recognized as Founding Member of AAMC


New Curriculum Addresses Aging and Geriatrics


Providing Answers About Viruses and Drug Resistance


Publication Shows Gene Programming is Coming Soon


Antacids May be More Important than Calcium in Osteoporosis Prevention


Congressman Rallies for Graduate Medical Education


Tracking Software Evaluates Students' Clinical Rotations


Prayer and Fellowship Promote Healthy Outcomes


Diabetes Program Participants See Sharp Drop in Risk Factors


Master's Degree Offered in Genetic Counseling


Influenza Vaccine Research Targets Large Capacity Virus


WSU School of Medicine Recognizes Excellence in Medical Student Research


In Memory of Professor Emeritus Maurice Bernstein


School Begins Multi-Million dollar Energy Savings Project


WSU Establishes Metabolic Research Center Dedicated to Diabetes/Obesity Research


Drug Delivery System Uses Liposomes to Treat Ocular Tumors


Dr. Goodman Receives Lifetime Achievement Award from American Association of Physical Anthropologists


Medical Students Learn and Practice Professionsl Values


Leukemia Drug Gets Priority Approval


Psychiatry Students Awarded for Research


Lower Cardiovascular Risk is Added Benefit of Exercise


$5 Million Grant Partners WSU and Florida A&M for Environmental Health Research


Graduates Earn PhDs

Graduates Earn PhDs


Congratulations to the following School of Medicine graduates who earned their doctoral degrees during the winter 2001 commencement ceremonies.


Bill Underwood

Major:  Anatomy & Cell Biology

Advisor:  Jose Ralofs

Dissertation Title: Inhibition of Translation and Release of Cytochrome C Following Traumatic Brian Injury in the Rat


Song Li

Major:  Biochemistry

Advisor:  Barry Rosen

Dissertation Title: Role of Vicinal Cysteine pairs in Metalloid Binding to the ARSD Metalloregulatory Protein


Yan Sun

Major:  Biochemistry

Advisor:  Barry Rosen

Dissertation Title: CadC, a Metal Inducible Repressor


Sonia Hernandez-Barrantes

Major:  Cancer Biology

Advisor:  Rafael Fridman

Dissertation Title: Role of Timps in MT1-MMP Regulation and Activity


Fei Yu

Major:  Cancer Biology

Advisor:  Hyeong-Reh Kim

Dissertation Title: The Molecular Mechanism of Galectin-3 in the Regulation of Mitochondrial Integrity and Caspase Activation


Wanping Hu

Major:  Immunology & Microbiology

Advisor:  Roy Sundick

Dissertation Title: Adjuvanticity of Chicken Interleukin 2 in DNA Vaccines and Protein Vaccines Delivered via Microspheres


Christopher Pillar

Major:  Immunology & Microbiology

Advisor:  Jeffrey Hobden

Dissertation Title: Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Exoproducts and Ocular Virulence


Lynne Shetron-Rama

Major:  Immunology & Microbiology

Advisor:  Nancy Freitag

Dissertation Title: Molecular Mechanism Govering the Regulation of Virulence Genes in Listeria Monocytogenes


Wendy Walter

Major:  Molecular Biology & Genetics

Advisor:  Jeffrey Moshier

Dissertation Title: Mechanisms of Transcription Through the Nucleosome by Different RNA Polymerases


Ravi Shridhar

Major:  Pharmacology

Advisor:  Bonnie Sloan

Dissertation Title: Cystatin M Reduces Metastases of MDA-MB-435 Xenografts in SCID Mice


Iulia Alexandreanu

Major:  Physiology

Advisor:  David Lawson

Dissertation Title: The Effects of Endogenous Carbon Monoxide of Reproductive Function in Female Rats


Brian Campbell

Major:  Physiology

Advisor:  Paul Walker

Dissertation Title:  Regulation of Straital Tachykinin Gene Expression by Dopamine D  and Serotonin  Receptors:  Effects of DA Depletion and NMDA Antagonisim


Rita Kumar

Major:  Physiology

Advisor:  Blaine White

Dissertation Title: Casual Mechanisms of EIF2  Phosphorylation During Brain Reperfusion


Juan Morales

Major:  Physiology

Advisor:  Jeffrey Ram

Dissertation Title: Modulatory Role of Extracellular High Glucose on the Induced Sythesis of Nitric Oxide in Rat Blood Vessels 

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