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Michigan Center for Genomic Technologies at WSU
Mark Hughes, MD, PhD

Dr. Hughes directs the Michigan Center for Genomic Technologies, a core Life Sciences Corridor facility.

The Michigan Center for Genomic Technologies, one of five core Life Sciences Corridor facilities, will operate at Wayne State University with satellite offices at Michigan State University, the University of Michigan, and the Van Andel Research Institute. Funding for this center was awarded at $6 million and will be led by Dr. Mark Hughes.

The center will provide life scientists in Michigan with state-of-the-art DNA sequencing, will generate high-volume DNA genotyping information, and will create a Michigan Microarray Network. The integrated infrastructure will foster the development of translational genomics and aid biotech enterprises to capitalize on this wealth of information and assume leading roles in pharmaceutical development, disease diagnostics, preventive treatment strategies and new microdevices for the life sciences. Wayne State scientists also will be participants in the other core facilities to help bring those technologies to southeastern Michigan.

MEDC also awarded infrastructure grants to establish a consortium and develop linkages between all participating facilities. The other four core facilities that are in development are: the, Michigan Proteome Consortium, Michigan Animal Model Consortium, Michigan Center for Structural Biology and the Michigan Center for Biological Information.

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